Kumkum Bhagya: Aaliya ploys to kill Pragya

Aaliya wants to kill Pragya

Aaliya asks Dasi to convince Abhi to play game with Tanu and prove their compatibility. She says if Tanu identifies her then it will be proved that she loves Abhi more than Pragya. Dasi says Pragya only loves him and asks Abhi to play game with Tanu. Abhi fears if Tanu identifies him then Pragya’s doubt that he loves Tanu from before, will come true and thinks he can’t let her doubt concrete. Tanu plays the game and identifies Abhi by cheating. Pragya gets upset. Mitali understands Tanu can see through the blindfold and asks her to play the game again. Tanu couldn’t identify Abhi and identifies Robin as Abhi. She tells that she can search him even if he is standing in crowd. Everyone laughs.

Abhi scolds Tanu for showing off her feelings. Aaliya thinks to cut the Chandelier rope, but she is stopped by John. She scolds him and asks him to go. Disha asks King and Pragya to play the game. King agrees. Pragya is blindfolded by Mitali. She comes to Abhi sensing his presence. Aaliya cuts the rope and makes Chandelier fall. Abhi sees it falling on Pragya and shouts. He rescues Pragya.

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