Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar decides to hunt for Kulfi’s father

Sikandar to learn big truth

Sikandar gets dresses for Kulfi. He asks Kulfi to change her boyish avatar and dress like a girl. Kulfi tries some dresses. Sikandar compliments her. Sikandar then explains her about credit cards, by which person can pay money. She makes a cardboard card to pay for the dresses he shopped for her. She tells him that her mum taught her not to borrow anything or take loans from anyone. She wants to return his money. He smiles seeing the handmade card. He gets happy seeing her innocence. He asks her why is she giving him money, he loves her as his daughter, he isn’t a stranger that she is paying him. He acts sad. She hugs him and apologizes.

She tells him that she didn’t intend to hurt his heart. They forget the matter and laugh. Amyra sees their happy moments and gets jealous. She scolds Kulfi. She says I don’t want your sorry or friendship, don’t sing and irritate me more. She storms out.

Amyra tells Lovely that Sikandar is just loving Kulfi, he isn’t even seeing her now, he didn’t get any dress for her. Kulfi tries to convince Amyra. Amyra gets angry and goes out to meet Tevar. Sikandar wants Amyra and Kulfi to stay as sisters.

Sikandar gets sad after Amyra’s arguments. Kulfi goes to spend time with him. She sees him sitting upset and sings a song to cheer him up. She asks him what’s the matter that he isn’t smiling. He tells her that he doesn’t want to sing in the concert. She requests him not to leave the big chance, he should sing in Amyra’s concert. He is in dilemma.

He knows Amyra isn’t talented, Kulfi should sing for Amyra again, else Kulfi’s career will be ruined. He says if I do the concert, your career will spoil, but I m feeling guilty that I m not giving ample time to Kulfi, Amyra also needs me, I m not being a good father for her. Kulfi consoles him. He tells her that he was much worried for her since she went missing.

He learns Kulfi is from Nimrat’s village. He wants to go to the village and meet Kulfi’s uncle to find her father. Sikandar tells her that he will take her to the village. She tells him that they will go to Chirauli later, he should do the concert for Amyra first. Lovely gets angry seeing Sikandar and Kulfi’s bonding. She argues with Sikandar and asks him to give time to Amyra, who is missing her dad and feeling lonely. Tevar shares Amyra’s sorrow. He spends time with her and listens to her problems. Amyra lightens her heart by talking to Tevar. They both have a problem with their life’s situation. Sikandar gets stuck in this phase. He doesn’t want to upset Amyra. He wants to do justice with Kulfi. Lovely, Sikandar and Amyra try to spend time like a happy family. Lovely fears for Sikandar’s changing behavior.


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