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High Five Spoilers… Krishna Chali London:
Radhe and Krishna are coming close. Krishna takes care of Radhe. She develops feelings for Radhe. She finds him innocent. She wakes up with love. He thinks he is dreaming that Krishna is showering love on him. She pulls off his quilt and tells him that he isn’t dreaming, he should get up and go for work. He realizes its really happening. She asks him to prepare for the tuition class, he should study and she has done all the arrangements for it. It gets shocking for him. He is scared that he will be insulted if he studies with kids at this age. She tells him that he has to take his life seriously, there is no age to pursue education, he should study if he wants to avoid real insult. Radhe understands her concern and love. He promises to study for her sake. She tells him that they have to make family proud of him.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira makes a big attack on Vijay’s happiness. Vasu ousts Mandira from the house. The family becomes a target of Mandira’s wrath. Vijay and Bulbul succeed to expose Mandira’s plan and throw her out of their lives. Mandira doesn’t accept her defeat. Bulbul wins the game and Vijay’s love. Mandira tells Vijay that she can’t let anyone win, she still holds a big evidence against them. She sends Vasu’s MMS to the family members. Vasu breaks down by this insult. Vijay loses temper and angrily breaks everyone’s phone. Sadhna gets to see the video and receives a big shock. Sadhna shatters with Vasu’s defamation. Bulbul asks Mandira to stop it, how could she ruin a girl’s respect this way.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara has been sobbing for a while. She will be returning to her wicked role again. When Falguni is injected before the operation, Uttara shows her true colours. Uttara reveals her truth to Falguni, on seeing Falguni unconscious. She tells Falguni about her biggest cheat. She knew that Falguni will believe her emotional drama and tears. She admits that she has got Shreya at home and plotted the entire tale of Chiku and Shreya’s relation with Suyash. She tells Falguni that she has got Chiku home only to make Falguni feel guilty. She says Shreya’s accident was also a drama, I wanted you to promise Shreya that you won’t have any child, you will be losing your womb in some time and I will win, then I won’t need to do this lovey dovey drama. She has lied to the family that Chiku is Suyash’s daughter.

Anjor makes toys and tells her friends about Gumaan and Imli. She tells them that she is enough to handle both of them. She wonders who will save her from problems, if she fails to handle everything. Her friends tell her that her mother will be saving her. Anjor has no idea about Chakor. She will be soon meeting Chakor. Chakor will return to Aazaadgunj and fight against Bandhuagiri again.

Piyaa Albela:

Rahul and Surbhi get caught up by the goons. Rahul gets beaten up. Angraj punished Rahul and Surbhi for double crossing them. Pooja reaches there to rescue them. She succeeds to save Rahul and Surbhi, but gets hurt during the fight. Pooja faints down after a heavy hit. Rahul and Surbhi worry for Pooja and take her with them. Rahul gets a big shock knowing Angraj has sent the goons to kill them. He realizes his mistakes. Surbhi tells Rahul that they should take Pooja to the hospital. She wants to help Pooja and Naren. Pooja is happy that Rahul and Surbhi are realizing their mistakes and changing for the good.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Bhallas face a new sorrow again. Ishita and Raman suffer because of Parmeet. Raman gets shot while Ishita gets injured by the evil man. They succeed to save Pihu from Parmeet’s evil. Raman, Ishita, Simmi and Pihu run out of the godown, and think they have got free from Parmeet. On the way, there happens a disaster. Raman, Simmi and Pihu get stuck inside the cave because of an incident. Ishita tries to seek help from people. She asks someone to help them in the crisis. She loses strength. She reaches the temple and asks God to help her find Raman, Pihu and Simmi. There is no one in the village who could help Ishita. Only Ishita can save Raman, Simmi and Pihu from the big mess. She falls helpless in front of the worst situation.


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