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TR’s Quick Reads… Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar explains Amyra that he loves her a lot. Kulfi sees them and gets happy that Amyra is convinced. Sikandar sings and dances with the girls. Kulfi makes Lovely dance with them too. Lovely is happy that Amyra isn’t hurt by Sikandar’s behavior now. Amyra brushes off the past events and wants Sikandar just to love her. Sikandar brings things back on track. Both Kulfi and Amyra promise Sikandar that they won’t fight and upset him. Kulfi prays for Sikandar’s happiness. He gets to see her and apologizes to her. He asks her to forgive him, as he isn’t able to do justice with her. They have an emotional moment. Kulfi wishes that she meets her father soon, so that her father who is also a big singer, meets her in the musical concert. Sikandar will soon learn that Kulfi is his daughter.

Sunny meets Meera. Amar wants Meera to marry Sunny. Meera tells Sunny that she loves Vivaan. She says you may be perfect bachelor, but I can’t marry you, since I m in love with someone else. Sunny reacts cool and surprises her with his positivity. She asks him to help her in uniting with Vivaan. Sunny agrees to help her, as he believes in uniting lovers.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika is upset as Arya is holding hatred for her. Sahil doesn’t know about his daughter Sadika. Vedika cooks Arya’s favorite food to convince her. Vedika doesn’t want Sahil’s married life with Bhoomi to suffer. She sheds tears thinking about Sahil. Sahil doesn’t want to forgive Vedika.

Krishna Chali London:
Radhe gets imagining Krishna during the class. He doesn’t pay attention on lectures. He day dreams and romances Krishna. He loves Krishna a lot. The reality is different. Radhe gets a big shock when he gets a misconception about Krishna and Prashant. He gets drunk and vents out frustration on Krishna. Everyone thinks Krishna is wrong, but Shukla is behind entire plotting.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni has learnt that Shreya is alive, and it was all Uttara’s plan to fool her. Falguni takes the doctor’s help and passes the message to Uttara that she has died during the operation. Uttara doesn’t care for Falguni’s life and death. Falguni has mocked her death to please Uttara. She plans to scare Uttara by acting like a restless soul wanting justice. Uttara sees Falguni in a white saree, wandering in the house and asks who are you. She gets a huge shock seeing Falguni’s spirit. Falguni is employing a wrong way just to expose Uttara’s wickedness. Uttara gets too scared when she sees the ghostly presence. Falguni gets the entire family in her plans. They all flicker the lights and corner Uttara to present Falguni’s spirit.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Everyone bids bye to Nandini. Everyone gets attached with Nandini. They didn’t like her initially and was opposing her stay in the family, but Nandini has won their hearts by her innocence and sincerity. They wish all the best to Nandini for her new journey. Nandini tells them that she is moving out, but she will come to meet them. Nandini gives a dinner treat to everyone at her home. Kunal avoids the dinner and informs Mauli that he is busy in work. Mauli doesn’t know his dilemma.


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