Ishq Mein Marjawa: Twists in Anjali-Virat’s engagement

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi to unmask the mysterious Malik

Virat and Anjali are getting engaged. Tara and Deep have mixed dilemma about it. Aarohi sacrifices her love and emotions. Aarohi realizes she still loves Deep, but doesn’t want to acknowledge it. She thinks of Deep’s cheat and lies. She recollects her love with Deep. Deep helps Anjali in getting decked up. Deep wants Anjali/Aarohi to be away from him, but he is interested in her property. Deep takes Anjali in the party.

Virat holds Anjali’s hand and takes her for the engagement ceremony. Deep and Tara are happy to get related with the rich family. Deep compliments Anjali for looking stunning. He presents a musical surprise for Anjali and Virat. Deep and Tara perform and also involve Anjali and Virat in the musical celebrations. There will be new twists in the engagement party. Tara doesn’t want any girl around Deep. She wants Anjali to get married to Virat soon.

Tara tries to push Anjali from the stairs, but the latter balances herself. Deep acts happy for Virat. Someone plans to kill either of Virat and Anjali. They get at the gun point. Virat and Anjali’s engagement halts. The family sends Anjali and Virat to the temple, but Anjali makes an excuse that she is suffering from nausea. Tara gets angry seeing Deep favoring Anjali more.


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