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High Five Spoilers… Krishna Chali London:
Radhe does Shraddh of his relation with Krishna. He pours water on himself and gets more serious than his dramatic father. He is also following Shukla’s path, since Shukla did Shraddh of his relation with Radhe before. Radhe does the same mistake and hurts Krishna’s heart. Radhe is much hurt seeing Krishna and Prashant romancing, as Prashant shows up to him. He asks Krishna to go back to Prashant if she has a relation with him. He asks Krishna to leave from his house and life, he won’t stop her today. He asks Krishna to pursue her studies, career, dreams and happiness by going to Prashant. Radhe ousts Krishna from his house. Krishna determines to clear his misunderstanding. Shukla wins his challenge as he was trying to kick out Krishna from the house within a week’s time. Shukla and Prashant’s conspiracy succeeds to separate Krishna and Radhe.


Vivaan is also shocked by Silky’s allegations. He denies to have relation with Silky. Meera shows her immense faith in Vivaan. She decides to expose Silky. Meera threatens Silky and asks her to admit the truth. She asks why did you frame Vivaan. Meera gets a knife and points at Silky’s neck. She gets too angry on Silky. Silky doesn’t tell anything. Meera asks her to forget Vivaan. She challenges Silky that she will remarry Vivaan. She will be facing many struggles because of Silky. Meera goes crazy by Silky’s dirty accusations on Vivaan.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren will be returning to the family and uniting with Pooja. Angraj forcibly tries to marry Pooja, which leads Supriya to take the extreme step. For the final time, Supriya protects Pooja from the evil. She goes ahead and threatens Angraj for Pooja’s sake. She feels Pooja and Naren have suffered a lot because of Angraj. She shoots Angraj to protect Pooja. She then feels shattered by her step. Naren and Pooja get a huge shock by Supriya’s move. The family will be seen celebrating Naren and Pooja’s union in its last episode.

Anika tries to prove if Shivay cares for her or not. When she comes to dine, Shivay makes an excuse on seeing her and leaves the food. He tells Omkara that he has an important meeting to attend. Anika doesn’t let Shivay leave for office and comes up with a plan. She gets troubled by a cockroach. She knows Shivay’s phobia and still asks him to help her get rid of the cockroach. Shivay helps out Anika and faints after removing the cockroach from her shoulder. Anika asks him if he still maintains his word that he doesn’t care for her. She aims to make him realize his feelings.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil doesn’t want to tell Vedika that Ved is her son. He asks Badi Amma to always keep this secret. She thinks Ved has become Sahil’s weakness and she should take advantage of this so that Vedika is always away from Sahil. Badi Amma meets Vedika and threatens her about her daughter. Vedika tells her that she has no interest in Sahil now, and her main focus is on Arya. Bhoomi informs Sahil that Ved isn’t anywhere in the house. Badi Amma kidnaps Ved. Sahil gets a big shock knowing Ved is missing.

Kundali Bhagya:
Prithvi cleans his own image and stains Karan’s image in Preeta’s eyes. Though Karan gets defamed for the world, Preeta has much belief in him. Prithvi meets Karan to taunt him about Preeta, who would never keep any relation with him. He tells Karan that he will give a shoulder to Preeta when she cries. He gets talking cheap about Preeta, which angers Karan. Karan gets into a fight with Prithvi. Karan meets Shrishti and Preeta, and tries to defend himself. Surprising, they both show their belief in Karan. Karan and Preeta have a moment of understanding and silent love. He waits for his freedom from the blames.

Tu Aashiqui:
Rangoli takes advantage of having Ahaan with her, away from his family. She asks her aide to play the stalker once again so that she can seek Ahaan’s attention this way. Ahaan gets to see the stalker and runs to catch him. He recollects Pankti’s words about the fake stalker plotted by Rangoli. Rangoli tries hard to put up the drama to win Ahaan’s love. She is ready to stoop to any level to win the challenge given to Pankti. Pankti waits for Ahaan’s return and is sure that Ahaan’s love will be just for her.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam gets misled by Hamdan, who tells her about a caged fairy’s story. Mariam recalls that the fairy achieved her freedom and reached her family by travelling in the magical box. Mariam hides herself in the huge trunk, and doesn’t know that its Hamdan’s plan to send her out of the house. Hamdan doesn’t want Mariam to help Jibraan get a new life. Hamdan tries her best to throw Mariam out. Aayat gets suspicious about the trunk and follows it, only to find Mariam inside.

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