Silsila: ‘Truth or Dare’ game to bring unexpected twists

Silsila spoilers

In Silsila, Nandini and Kunal have an emotional moment, when she bids farewell to him. He doesn’t want Nandini to go. He does such things that delays her leaving. But, she gets all the preparations done. She thanks Kunal for always supporting her. She requests him to always support her when she falls weak in life’s any phase. They both doesn’t want to forget each other, but have to do this because of Mauli. Kunal gives a gift to Nandini. He meets her at the family dinner. She likes his sweet gesture. Nandini gets crying with the thought of giving up her feelings for Kunal.

They recollect their old moments, how destiny has brought them together and awakened their feelings. Nandini tells Kunal that she wants to protect Mauli’s happiness, so she is going away.

Kunal agrees to her decision, as he also wants Mauli’s happiness. They both reach to this mutual conclusion that they should part ways. Kunal never imagined that Nandini will become so important for him. Mauli has done a lot to bring Nandini’s life on track. Nandini feels she has done a sin by falling for Kunal. They suppress their feelings so that they do fulfill their responsibility. Kunal and Nandini get crying and feel the pain of separation. Nandini doesn’t want Kunal to suffer because of her. Kunal and Nandini’s emotions will be known to Mauli during the truth and dare game.


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