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High Five Spoilers Upcoming tracks of hit shows

High Five Spoilers… Jiji Maa:
Falguni, Suyash and entire family celebrate Janmashtami. They learn that Uttara has escaped from the jail. They don’t get scared and go ahead with the celebrations. Falguni, Suyash, Vidhaan and Niyati dance in the function. Suyash and Vidhaan take part in the Dahi Handi event. Suyash breaks the Dahi Handi and wins. He dances with the kids. Uttara takes a disguise and reaches there. She plays dhol and gets close to Falguni. Falguni stops dancing when she sees Uttara. Uttara wishes Falguni on her birthday and tries to stab her. Suyash and Niyati save Falguni from Uttara. They confront Uttara for her escape. Uttara runs away from them and wants to re-attempt to kill Falguni.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Rithvik finally breaks out his feelings and expresses love to Palak. He confesses his love for Palak and also proposes her for marriage. They have a romantic moment. Rithvik tells Palak that he is apologetic for all his past mistakes and wants to hear a yes from her. Palak’s mother disapproves their alliance. She takes away Palak before Palak could give her consent to Rithvik’s proposal. Rithvik gets worried by the new hurdle in his love story.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara gets arrested. She is put in the lockup. Kabeer reaches Zara at the police station and gets her bailed out. He takes Zara home. Zara tells him that he should support his dad, not her. She requests him to divorce her. They get emotionally broken down. They love each other a lot and want to sacrifice their love for the sake of family’s happiness. Kabeer makes a plan to save Zara. He meets his friends. They together make a plan to prove Zara innocent. Imran tells Kabeer that they will clean Zara’s image in the society. Kabeer says Zara isn’t Nilofer’s murderer, there is someone framing her so that our family gets defamed. He explains his plan to his friends. He wants to try his best to save his lady love.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: There happens to be many moments striking Kunal and Nandini, when they realize their love. Nandini writes the emotional letter for Mauli and Kunal. She cries and pens down the letter. She doesn’t want to face Mauli, knowing Mauli won’t let her go. She apologizes to Mauli and doesn’t state any reasons. She leaves the new house and wants to go too far from Kunal to put a stop to her feelings. Nandini doesn’t want Mauli’s family to get disturbed. Kunal gets restless because of Nandini. Kunal reaches Nandini’s house and gets the letter. He misses to see Nandini leaving.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation changed after Tevar’s revelation. Tevar wants to take Kulfi with him. Sikandar is sorrowful that Kulfi is going with her dad Tevar. He sings a sad song for Kulfi. He thinks of Kulfi’s innocence. Sikandar cries and packs Kulfi’s stuff. Both of them cry and get emotional. Tevar sheds tears seeing their close bonding. Tevar apologizes to Sikandar knowing his true love for Kulfi. He promises to take good care of Kulfi and keep her happy. Kulfi keeps Sikandar’s shirt so that she doesn’t miss him much. She tells him that they will keep meeting and always stay close.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:
Murari tells Ilaychi that he wants to fulfill his wife’s dreams. He says I have decided to sell this house and shop so that I can name everything to Karuna as per her wish. Ilaychi is really happy with his move. Pancham objects to this because of his confusion. He states that he will lose the job. He asks Murari how can he get the shop shut. Murari asks him to find any other job. The lawyers meets them and gets the legal papers for property transfer. Ilaychi gets delighted seeing the love between her parents. Pancham is tensed.

He has seen Karuna with her other daughter and gets confused about Karuna’s relation with someone else. He doesn’t know how to alert Murari. He suspects Karuna has an affair and Murari will lose everything because of Karuna. Murari tells them that nobody can stop me from fulfilling Karuna’s only dream. Lawyer asks Murari to sign the papers and keep them ready. Pancham asks Murari not to trust people so easily. Ilaychi asks Pancham what’s his problem. Pancham tries to change Murari’s decision. He asks Murari to think again, property transfer isn’t needed to prove love. Murari scolds Pancham. Ilaychi says its personal matter of my parents, you don’t need to interfere in between, maybe you are not able to take this as a woman will be getting the property, your thinking is small, we will decide everything without asking you. She doesn’t listen to Pancham.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam has done her duties towards her brother Jibraan. Jibraan starts believing Mariam, that Mariam saved his life. He becomes Mariam’s friend after she shows her genuine concern for him. He realizes she is good hearted and asks her to become his friend, by forgetting all the past. Mariam agrees to her and wants some relief. Jibraan and Mariam play together and laugh. Aayat wants Mariam to be away from Jibraan. Jibraan and Mariam share their sorrows. He says you can play, run and jump, but I can’t do anything, I feel bad that I can’t even walk properly. He realizes that Aayat always punishes Mariam without any reasons. He promises Mariam that he will explain Aayat that Mariam saved his life and always helps him. He says when mum’s anger calms down, I will tell her about you, she will thank you, she loves me a lot. Mariam wishes he succeeds to convince Aayat to send her back to her family.

Papa By Chance:

Yuvaan meets Amrit and gets the kids along. He becomes back luck for Amrit. Amrit’s engagement breaks. Amrit’s mum manages the matter, as she has much love for Yuvaan. Amrit gets upset with Yuvaan. Yuvaan takes care of Gungun, Ullu and Dhoni. He teaches a rap song to Ullu, when he participates in the singing competition and had to sing a Bhajan. Dhoni sings Blue Eyes and shocks everyone. Yuvaan enjoys Ullu’s song. Gungun asks Yuvaan what has he done, will he get theme expelled from the school. Ullu and Yuvaan get punished by the principal.


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