Drastic track changes in Bepannaah and Silsila

Drastic track changes in Bepannaah and Silsila

Wasim wants Zoya to marry Arshad and move on. She doesn’t want to follow anyone’s decision. She refuses to marry Arshad and upsets Wasim. Wasim is protective about Zoya. He reminds her that all the times she has taken own decisions, she has suffered when the decisions were proved wrong. He loves Zoya a lot. He wants Zoya to take a wise decision. Zoya also knows that he is upset and angry, but that’s his love. Wasim asks his wife to explain Zoya that Arshad is a nice guy and most suitable for Zoya. Zoya diverts her mind and witnesses the Matki competition between Arshad and Aditya. Arshad wins the competition by breaking the Matki, but faces an injury because of the glass pieces stuffed in the Matki because of Anjana. Zoya doesn’t realize Anjana’s truth. Aditya, Zoya and Wasim get worried for Arshad’s wounds and take him home. Aditya and Arshad were trying to impress Zoya and win her heart, but Anjana has different plans.

Kunal and Mauli celebrate Janmashtami festival with family. Nandini also attends the puja and becomes part of their happiness. She meets Kunal and asks how is she looking today. Kunal gets mesmerized seeing Nandini. He compliments her. Mauli and Nandini wear the similar saree and don same avatar, looking replicas. The neighbors like the preparations and compliment Mauli. Kunal and Mauli do the puja together. Kunal gives a rose to Nandini. Nandini realizes his love. Kunal’s family applauds Mauli for being a perfect bahu. Kunal and Nandini get off from the family and spend some time, when Dadi asks Kunal to drop Nandini home. Nandini meets his family well and leaves. Mauli wants to get compliments from Kunal. She waits for his return. She wants to tell him that she has worn the saree just for his wish. Kunal and Nandini’s hide and seek romance goes on. Mauli sees Kunal and Nandini together, and doesn’t realize anything.


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