YRKKH: Kartik and Naira’s Adhuri Prem Kahani

YRKKH: Kartik and Naira's Adhuri Prem Kahani

YRKKH: Kartik and Naira’s Adhuri Prem Kahani… Kartik asks Lord Krishna to help him get rid of his emotional dilemma. He wants to know what he wants to convey Naira. He wonders why he is so restless. Kirti tells Naksh that the actors playing Radha and Krishna didn’t turn up. She convinces him to become Krishna and perform with her in the skit. She checks the script and wishes that the right message reaches Kartik and Naira. She asks Naksh to perform in the skit as its a noble deed. Naksh agrees to Kirti. They both take Radha and Krishna’s avatars and surprise both the families. Kartik gets happy to see them. He gets to hear their emotional lines and understands what he is meant to do. Kartik also believes in his love and is sure that Naira will forgive him. Kartik relates to Radha and Krishna’s love story. He gets ready to take up the responsibility of his mistakes and make a hearty apology to Naira.

Radha and Krishna’s skit touches Kartik’s heart and makes him realize all his mistakes. His misunderstandings about Naira get cleared. He sheds tears when he sees his mistakes in front of his eyes. He asks Lav and Kush to assist him and get Naira to him, so that he can talk to Naira and apologize to her. Kartik surprises Naira. He realizes how unjust he was towards Naira. He cries in front of her and makes an apology. Dadi gets occupied with the people’s questions. She finds hard to answer them about Kartik and Naira’s divorce. Kartik and Naira have a moment and realize their love once again. Goenkas and Singhanias have a clash about Naksh’s insulting way to Kartik. Naitik clarifies that Naksh has just given some sense to Kartik. Devyaani asks Dadi to spare Naira and limit Suwarna from hurting them more. Suwarna denies to hurt Naira and tells them that Naira is responsible for her own sorrows. Kartik tells Naira that he is feeling guilty and has been blind in anger till now.

He tells how much he loves her and what lows he faced in life without her. He didn’t wish the divorce to happen. He tells her that his ego and guilt didn’t let him speak up and he just hid his tensions and pain within himself. He tells how the divorce has broken him. He wants to see her all the time and want to unite with her. He expresses his confusion about their relation. Dadi defends Suwarna and Kartik. Devyaani tells Dadi that Kartik should understand and get away from Naira.

Kartik tells Naira that he is madly in love with her once again. He apologizes to her for hating her so much. He asks her to forgive him once again, as he has begun understanding their relation now. He feels sorry to deny their love and keep her away when she tried hard to explain him. He realizes that Shubham’s death was not in anyone’s hand, but he was blaming her to save himself and Suwarna from sorrow. He finds himself selfish to put the burden on her. He understands his mistakes and accepts everything. He doesn’t want to justify himself more. He thanks her for showing him the mirror. He regrets that it got too late for them, since their relation has broken now. He wants Naira to forgive him for hurting her heart so much. He feels his love isn’t true as he didn’t believe her completely.

The families get arguing further. They look for Kartik and Naira, and want to keep them separated. Kartik feels sorry to not trust Naira and end their relation this way. Naitik looks for Naira and wishes that she stays away from Kartik. Kartik faces an emotional breakdown. He feels he didn’t fulfill Naira’s expectations and expected a bit too much from her. He regrets on his misdeeds. Naira also shatters with his sorrow. They cry on their incomplete love story. The couple meet with an unfortunate accident, while the families fear for their safety. What lies in Kartik and Naira’s destiny? Keep reading.


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