Silsila: Rajdeep to learn Nandini-Kunal’s affair

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep's evil

Nandini and Mauli get Ganpati home. Mauli places a Ganpati idol, and gets surprised with Nandini also gets an idol. Mauli welcomes Nandini and asks her to place the idol. Mauli’s mother worries for Mauli’s marriage. Mauli has faith in Nandini and her friendship. Mauli’s mother dislikes Nandini and insults her. She wants Nandini out. Kunal thanks Nandini for getting another Ganpati idol and welcomes her. He tries to neutralize the tensions in the family. Kunal and Nandini’s hide and seek love moments are seen. Later on, Kunal and Nandini meet in a garden. Rajdeep follows Nandini and wants to know whom is she meeting.

Kunal stops Nandini from leaving. They are secretly meeting. They are happy in love. They share a romantic moment and hug. Rajdeep spots them together and gets a huge shock knowing about Nandini’s affair with Kunal. Kunal is blindly in love in Nandini, and doesn’t care for anyone. They lost to their hearts.

They express their love while keeping silence. They can’t live without each other now. She tells him that she wanted to meet him, and knew he will come to the park for a jog. She desperately wanted some time to spend with Kunal. She asks him why is his mood upset. She tells him that she will leave if he doesn’t want to share the problem. He stops her from leaving and tells her that her presence gives him the much needed peace. He confesses love to her and hugs her. He promises that he will always support her. She also confesses love to Kunal. Rajdeep can’t believe his eyes. He didn’t imagine Nandini will cheat her best supportive friend Mauli. He thinks why is Kunal cheating his wife this way. Rajdeep thinks of breaking their affair news to Mauli. He doesn’t want to keep their secret. Rajdeep records their love moments in his phone. Rajdeep will reveal the affair truth to Mauli and ruin Nandini’s new love. Rajdeep plans to create a rift in Nandini’s relationship with Kunal and also ruin her bonding with Mauli.


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