Dil Hi Toh Hai: Palak and Rithvik to get married

Dil Hi Toh Hai brings a break-up twist for Rithvik and Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai: Palak and Rithvik to get married.. Palak was going to marry Naman. She stays upset. Naman and Palak exchange varmala. Rithvik feels Palak has broken his heart. He has trusted her a lot and feels hurt by loving Palak. He assumes that she will marry Naman. Palak doesn’t break Rithvik’s hopes and changes her path. She wants to know Rithvik’s decision. Naman realizes that Palak loves Rithvik and won’t be happy if this marriage happens. He backs out from marriage and unites Palak with Rithvik. He makes Rithvik realize his love for Palak. Palak tells Rithvik that she is just going to marry him. Naman becomes their Jodi maker.

He finds this a best chance to unite the lovers. Palak understands why Naman has encouraging her to marry Rithvik. Rithvik and Palak get married in the same mandap. Naman congratulates Rithvik and Palak for their marriage. Palak’s mother isn’t happy with this marriage. Naman and his parents explain that Palak loves Rithvik and should live with him. They ask Palak’s parents to accept Rithvik. Palak worries for Noon family’s reaction.


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