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High Five Spoilers… Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Palak was marrying Naman. She stays upset. Naman and Palak exchange varmala. Naman realizes that Palak loves Rithvik and won’t be happy if this marriage happens. He backs out from marriage and unites Palak with Rithvik. He makes Rithvik realize his love for Palak. Palak tells Rithvik that she is just going to marry him. Naman becomes their Jodi maker. He finds this a best chance to unite the lovers. Palak understands why Naman has encouraging her to marry Rithvik. Rithvik and Palak get married in the same mandap. Naman congratulates Rithvik and Palak for their marriage. Palak’s mother isn’t happy with this marriage. Naman and his parents explain that Palak loves Rithvik and should live with him. They ask Palak’s parents to accept Rithvik. Palak worries for Noon family’s reaction.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay meets a fatal situation when his car blasts. The car catches fire, while Vijay falls far away in a terrible state. The deadly attack on Vijay shocks his family. The family runs to save Vijay. They want to know who is behind the attack. Vijay gains consciousness. He tells the family that he is fine, he can handle himself. He calms down the family. The family suspects Mandira is behind the blast. Vijay thinks Mandira is madly in love with him, she can’t put his life in danger, there is someone else who has plotted this attack. Viajy wants to find out the culprit.

Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop:
Roop and Ishika’s romance will be seen. Ishika becomes Radha and dances in the Janmashtami pandal. She realizes Roop has become Kanha. She gets happy to be with him. She has fallen in love with Roop. When she gets falling down, Roop saves her. Ishika gets delighted to have him around. Roop wants to win the prize money by breaking the Dahi Handi. He wants to pay the medical bill of Kamla’s treatment, as per Shamsher’s conditions. Roop wants to win the competition and meet Kamla. Ranvir also competes with Roop. Ishika and Palak wish Roop to win. Ishika’s Tau ji has organized the Dahi Handi competition and declared the reward. Roop meets her Tau ji and tells him that he will win the prize money today. He doesn’t reveal his financial needs to anyone. Ranvir doesn’t think Roop will succeed.

He troubles Roop so that Roop loses. Roop climbs the pyramid with difficulty. Ranvir adds the itching powder in the gulaal. Roop gets itching his face and neck, and falls down the human pyramid. Ishika helps Roop and showers water on her to make him get rid of the itching powder. Ishika asks Roop to climb the pyramid fast and break the Dahi Handi. Roop wins the competition by breaking the Dahi Handi. He gives the credit of his victory to Ishika, which angers his best friend Palak. Palak gets into an argument with Ishika, and makes her away from, Roop.

Silsila: Mauli’s mother creates an issue on seeing Nandini at home. Nandini performs on a song for Kunal’s sake. Mauli and Nandini happily dance with Kunal. Rajdeep makes an entry in disguise. He plays dhol and watches Kunal and Nandini’s close dance. He goes to break their affair news to Mauli. Rajdeep wants Nandini’s happiness to get ruined. Rajdeep feeds Bhaang to Kunal and Nandini. The duo loses their senses and begin to romance publicly. Rajdeep plans to expose Kunal and Nandini’s love story in front of Kunal’s family. Kunal doesn’t care of who’s watching them. He lives the moment with Nandini in a totally carefree way. The family watches their crazy dance and feel embarrassed.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika and Sahil save the children. Vedika gets injured. Sahil rushes her to the hospital. Doctor breaks the shocking news that Vedika is no more. Vedika has lost her life, while saving the children from terrorists. Sahil can’t believe this. He falls in trauma. Doctor apologizes to Sahil and Vedika’s family. Manjula and Arya shed tears for Vedika. Badi Amma and Puneesh get happy with this news. They have plotted against Vedika. They remove the real doctor from the hospital and send the fake doctor to inject Vedika and kill her.


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