Bepannaah: Aditya urges Zoya to perceive his love

Bepannaah: Aditya urges Zoya to perceive his love

Bepannaah: Aditya urges Zoya to perceive his love… Zoya has agreed to marry Arshad for just keeping Wasim’s heart. She isn’t able to forget Aditya. When her mother shows her the engagement preparations, Zoya feels lost. She tries the new jewelry. She misses Aditya. Zoya isn’t able to think of Arshad. She keeps thinking about Aditya and stays unhappy. She knows whom her heart is calling and still tries to suppress her feelings. She doesn’t want to reciprocate Aditya’s love. Her mum shows the jewelry that will double her beauty. Zoya acts happy to show everyone. Aditya meets her and understands that she is pretending happy. She worriedly ends up making mistakes. Aditya stops Zoya and asks her to realize her real feelings. She tells him that she is really happy. He calls it a big lie and asks her not to cheat herself. They have a moment.

Arshad arrives there. Aditya hides from Arshad. Zoya makes excuses in front of Arshad. He asks her to come for the engagement, since everyone is waiting. She sends Arshad. Aditya tells Zoya that her decision isn’t right. She doesn’t listen to him.

He tells her that he knows to convince her, its his duty to make her see the truth. He asks Zoya to realize that she won’t be happy with Arshad. He asks her to realize his love is true. He tells her that she is hurting him a lot by her indifference. She asks him to stop hurting her. He compels her to believe his love. He asks her if she will be convinced if he sheds blood for her. Zoya cries seeing his deed. Wasim and family reach there and make Aditya away from Zoya. Arshad takes Zoya for the engagement. Zoya is confused about everything. Zoya and Arshad get engaged. Zoya will realize her love for Aditya during the marriage functions.

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