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Reads Shakti Roop and more

Shivay gets mesmerized when he finds Anika wearing his choice of gown. He wants to compliment her. She also wants to talk to her and apologize for not wearing the gown gifted by him. She gets mistaken by Nancy’s move to keep the gown in the bedroom. Nancy keeps her gown and presents that its gifted by Shivay to her. Anika gets surprised seeing Nancy’s gown and assumes that Shivay has gifted it to Nancy. Shivay just helped Mohit with his surprise gift, but Nancy creates a misunderstanding between Shivay and Anika. Nancy sees Shivay dancing with Anika and intervenes.

Roop arranges the money and rushes to meet Kamla in the hospital. He fulfills Shamsher’s conditions. Roop gets a huge shock on meeting Kamla, since she is fighting for her life. Roop prays for her recovery. Ishika supports Roop and gives positive hope to him. Roop falls in love with Ishika. He gets passionate about her.

Kundali Bhagya:

Preeta finally makes it to the court and gives testimony in favor of Karan. She tells everyone that she has seen Monisha’s crime doing, Monisha has pulled Karan to the room and acted cheap herself, only to put the blame on Karan. She tells the judge that Karan is her good friend and she went out of concern to see him. Preeta’s testimony helps Karan get free of all the duty allegations by Monisha. Rishabh signs a big relief when Karan is proved innocent in the court. Rishabh and Karan get happy to be back in their normal life. They party together. Karan wants to know Rishabh’s secret, the girl whom Rishabh likes.


Aditya compliments Zoya. He tells Wasim that he was just talking to Zoya and telling her how pretty she looks. Zoya acts rude to Aditya and tells him that she doesn’t care for him. Aditya works at Zoya’s home. Wasim gets the designer clothes for Zoya and Arshad. Aditya tries to see if Zoya really cares. He makes Arshad try the new shoes. He works like a servant, which makes Zoya feel bad. She sheds tears, and Aditya understands that she really cares for him. He doesn’t care for anyone’s opinion and gets happy that Zoya loves him. He wants to make her realize her feelings.

Tu Aashiqui:
Aparna finds ways to prove Rangoli’s lies. Rangoli stoops low and tells the court that Ahaan has molested her. She shows the fake evidences to make everyone believe her. Rangoli asks them to check the medical reports, which clearly state Ahaan’s crime. Aparna asks Rangoli why didn’t she try to stop Ahaan and save herself. Aparna changes the case completely by telling the court that Rangoli has purposely injured herself to put the blame on Ahaan. Aparna justifies and strengthens her case by getting valid evidence in Ahaan’s favor.

Imli gets evil and attempts to kill Anjor. She feels she has done a big mistake to spare Saanvi’s life before. She wants to kill Saanvi this time. She tells Anjor that she will not throw any dummy, but her this time. She pushes Anjor down the cliff. Anjor falls in the lake. Chakor and Suraj witness Imli’s crime and rush to save Anjor’s life without wasting a second. They jump into the lake to find Anjor, while Imli rejoices on her victory and feels Suraj and Chakor will lose their daughter forever. Sukor succeed to find Anjor and save her life.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika reveals to family that Sadika is Gauri and Deepak’s daughter. Gauri gets a big shock knowing Deepak’s lie. Vedika tells Gauri that its equally sorrowful for her to learn this truth, but at least Sadika got her real mother now. Gauri scolds Deepak. She creates a big issue. Badi Amma blames Vedika for breaking her family. Gauri stops Badi Amma and takes Vedika’s side. Gauri blames Badi Amma and Deepak for lying to her.

Yeh Teri Galliyan:
ThakuMaa and Beauty force Puchki to wear ghungroos. Puchki refuses to ThakuMaa’s command. ThakuMaa gets provoked and goes to raise Puchki. Shantanu comes to rescue and hits a stone at ThakuMaa to stop her. He saves Puchki from wearing ghungroos. Puchki hugs her best friend Shantanu.


Harman troubles Soumya before. He gets rude to her and makes her out of the hospital. But, when she falls in real trouble, Harman reaches her and saves her life. Some goons misbehave with Soumya. Harman teaches a lesson to the goons by bashing them up. Soumya gets grateful to him and sees his protective side. She worries for his injuries. Their friendship begins. The universe brings them together again. Harman can’t see Soumya in danger. He becomes her shield and strength once again.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara celebrate their freedom and together. Ruksar gets tortured by her husband. She just loves Kabeer. She kills her husband and wants to return in Kabeer’s life. Ruksar declares that she is coming back in Kabeer’s life to win his love. Kabeer and Zara will face new problems because of Ruksar’s madness. Ruksar will bring a storm in Kabeer’s life.

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