Ishqbaaz: Nancy’s murder mystery begins to unveil

Ishqbaaz: Nancy to disclose bigger secrets

Ishqbaaz: Nancy’s murder mystery begins to unveil… Mohit blames Shivay for Nancy’s murder. The entire family stands by Shivay. Shivay tells Mohit that he didn’t do anything. Mohit vents out his frustration and asks Shivay why did he cheat their friendship this way. Omkara and Rudra protect Shivay. They tell Mohit that Shivay can never do this. They stop Mohit from accusing Shivay. Mohit tells them that Shivay has really killed Nancy. He asks them to get the real culprit in front of him, if they have so much faith in Shivay. Anika defends Shivay. She tells Mohit that Shivay can never do such crime. Mohit tells her that Shivay would have misbehaved with Nancy. He tells them that Shivay had a clear motive behind the murder. Bhavya takes the murder case. Mohit asks her to arrest Shivay. Rudra expects Bhavya to believe Shivay and not be too stern.

Bhavya tells them that Nancy’s face can’t be identified, they will be sending the body for further investigations. She tells them that she will be finding the culprit. Bhavya interrogates Shivay. Mohit frames Shivay completely. He tells Bhavya that Shivay was just after Nancy, since his marriage with Anika is namesake. He lies about Shivay and Nancy’s relation. Bhavya can’t believe the fact. She has seen Shivay’s true love for Anika when she arrested Daksh. Omkara and Rudra tell Bhavya that Shivay and Anika love each other a lot and Shivay was going to express his love to Anika.

Omkara also gets confused. He tells her how Nancy was thanking dress for Shivay. Rudra tells Bhavya that Shivay loves Anika a lot and risked his life for her again and again. He tells her that Shivay can never think of any other woman. Mohit tells Bhavya that Shivay knew that Anika isn’t in the room and took advantage of Nancy. He demands her to check the CCTV footage. Khanna tells her that the CCTV systems aren’t working. Shivay pleads to Bhavya and asks her to believe him once. Bhavya continues the investigations. On personal front, she believes Shivay can’t kill Nancy. She doesn’t arrest Shivay. She tells them that she just has a doubt on Shivay, she isn’t claiming that he has done the crime. She asks Shivay not to leave the city. Tej reprimands Shivay for ruining their family respect. He insults Shivay for showing his true colors, and following Shakti’s path.

Shivay tells Tej that he wasn’t involved with Nancy. Omkara stops Tej from accusing Shivay, since Shivay needs them. Tej doesn’t think Shivay is true. He tells them that Shivay has really killed Nancy. He questions Shivay and Anika’s namesake marriage and gets too disappointed with the series of events. Omkara and Rudra show belief in Shivay. The family supports Shivay. Shivay worries for Mohit who has lost his love suddenly. He asks them to be with Mohit. Shivay sympathizes with Mohit. He faces Mohit’s wrath again. Mohit doesn’t believe him and hurts him. Shivay tells him that he was going to talk to Anika, and Nancy came to him herself. He tries to clear the matter. Mohit asks him not to deny the blames. Shivay tries to prove that he loves Mohit as his brother. He feels painful when Mohit expresses his hatred. Mohit accuses Shivay and doubts on his intentions. Mohit rages on Shivay and asks him to get out of his sight. He waits for Shivay’s crime to get proved. Oberois prepare to save Shivay and prove his innocence.


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