Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara vow to solve Ruksar’s problem

Ishq SubhanAllah Another shocker for Kabeer-Zara

Kabeer and Zara’s marriage gets postponed because of Ruksar. Kabeer and Zara promise to get Ruksar home. The family get a shocking news that Ruksar is arrested for her husband’s murder blame. The family can’t believe that Ruksar is imprisoned. Zeenat begs Kabeer to go to Dubai and get Ruksar back at any cost. Ruksar tells them that she is trapped, she is innocent. Kabeer wants to know the truth. Kabeer’s dad tells them that the matter is unclear, they should visit Hamdam’s house and know the matter. They get a huge shock when Hamdam’s mum tells them about Ruksar’s evil to murder Hamdam. Hamdam’s mum blames Ruksar for ruining her family. She tells them that Ruksar has killed her son. She gets raging for revenge. She wants to punish Zeenat as well.

Zara protects Zeenat from the lady. She tells the lady that they all understand her sorrow, but Zeenat can’t be tortured for the loss. The lady breaks down. Kabeer and his family face a tough time because of Ruksar.

They can’t believe that Ruksar can kill someone. They want to know the real matter, if Ruksar has really murdered Hamdam or is trapped in the frame. Zeenat loves Ruksar a lot and wants to support her unconditionally. She knows Ruksar’s passion for Kabeer and understands that Ruksar has purposely killed Hamdam. Zeenat is aware that Ruksar wasn’t happy in her marriage with Hamdam and wanted to marry Kabeer. She covers up Ruksar’s crime and tells Kabeer that Ruksar is innocent. She has all hopes from Kabeer that he will get Ruksar home.


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