Udaan: Gumaan makes a final move to target Aazaadgunj

Udaan: Gumaan makes a final move to target Aazaadgunj

Udaan: Gumaan makes a final move to target Aazaadgunj… Suraj and Chakor rush to haveli to meet Anjor. They get Kasturi, Bhuvan and Anjor’s parents along. Anjor gets delighted to meet her parents. Chakor tells Anjor that Imli is defeated, she won’t trouble them again. Anjor feels free and thanks Chakor for understanding her helplessness. Chakor and Suraj get emotional seeing Anjor, and want to tell her that they are her parents. Sugna breaks the news to Anjor that she isn’t her biological mother. She introduces Anjor to her real parents Chakor and Suraj. Anjor gets happier with this surprising news, as she has always felt connected to Chakor and Suraj. Anjor hugs them and tells them that she always felt protected in their presence.

Chakor and Suraj rejoice on uniting with Saanvi. Gumaan gets unhappy with the happenings. He learns about Imli’s arrest. He meets Imli in the jail. Imli asks him to ruin Chakor’s happy family like they never existed. She asks him to ruin the entire Aazaadgunj and end this tale.

She wants to terrorize everyone and keep her fear. Gumaan agrees and decides to blast the haveli. Garima learns her plans and threatens to reveal everything. Gumaan stabs Garima to kill her, but she reaches Chakor and Suraj some how. Garima tells them about Gumaan and Imli’s planning to blast the haveli and ruin their family. Chakor gears up to end Gumaan’s evil, and this time she has Suraj on her side.

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