YHM: Ishita to unfold Sudha-Rajat’s mystery

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces a shocker

YHM: Ishita to unfold Sudha-Rajat’s mystery… Ishita tells Raman that Sudha won’t sit quiet after the insult faced at NGO event. Shagun also believes that Sudha will strike back. Shagun finds out Sudha’s medical track record and tells them that Sudha’s record is clean, Sudha won’t let anyone stain her hospital name easily, she will try to protect the hospital reputation. Raman wonders why is Sudha protecting Rajat so much, she could easily fire the staff member and get someone new on board to answer the media.

Ishita tells Raman and Shagun that they can target Rajat, by cross questioning him altogether, so that Rajat falls nervous and admits his mistake. Raman tells her that this won’t be easy to do, since Sudha won’t let them meet Rajat. He finds Sudha clever. Sudha prepares Rajat to lie to the media. She gets upset when Rajat gets drunk again.

She asks Rajat to quit drinking and look at the consequences of his blunders. Sudha wants to make sure that Rajat’s mistake doesn’t get any defamation for the hospital. She asks Rajat to get sober and rectify his mistakes. Rajat feels guilty over his mistakes and tells her that he wants to apologize to Raman. Sudha stops Rajat from worsening the matter. Raman and Ishita try to know any hidden link, what they are missing in the entire matter. They learn Sudha is Rajat’s elder sister, who is protecting him from this mess. Ishita promises to get justice for Raman, no matter what. Will Ishita succeed in her justice battle? Keep reading.

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