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High Five Spoilers… YHM: Happiness returns in Bhalla house. Raman wins the case and gets justice. Raman and Ishita return home and celebrate their success. Sudha gets a big sorrow. Rajat gets tired of fighting with his alcohol addiction. He realizes that he can’t ruin more lives this way. He decides to put an end to Sudha’s problems. He realizes how Sudha and the hospital is suffering because of him. Rajat commits suicide. He shoots himself. Rajat’s shocking suicide shatters Sudha.

Shivay escapes once again and this time he doesn’t want to lose till he unmasks the murderer. Shivay gets Ganpati home, so that Ganpati solves their problems. Oberois are sure that Ganpati will take away all their problems very soon. They celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with all their devotional beliefs. Shivay doesn’t let the family traditions break. Shivay will soon learn Mohit’s planning of killing his real wife. Mohit has fooled them about Nancy being his wife. Mohit and Nancy’s crime will be revealed. Mohit tells the family that nobody in the world can save Shivay this time. He asks them to make as many prayers as they want, but Shivay won’t get any help. Mohit gets overconfident of his planning. Shivay and family will start fooling him.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Daai blackmails Bulbul and asks her to kill Mandira’s baby if she wants to save Vijay’s life. She poisons the kheer. She asks Bulbul to feed the poison to Mandira, so that Mandira’s miscarriage happens. Bulbul gets helpless. She doesn’t want to harm any innocent baby. She stops Mandira from eating the kheer. Daai threatens her. She calls Mandira’s dad to inform. Bulbul stops Daai and tells her that she didn’t do anything, its not her mistake. Daai tells her that its not a joke, Mandira has to lose her baby. Bulbul doesn’t understand what to do. She snatches phone from Daai. Daai stumbles, but Bulbul saves her from fall. Bulbul begs Daai not to tell anything to Mandira’s dad. Daai melts her heart and doesn’t tell anything against Bulbul. Bulbul thanks her. She wants to solve the problems and find Vijay.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara visits a Dargah and makes prayers for her family. She cries thinking of the new problems in her life. Zara falls down. Reema comes to her rescue. Reema supports Zara in her struggles. Zara doesn’t know Ruksar has really committed a crime or not. She knows Ruksar can do anything for Kabeer. She fears that Ruksar is really wrong. She wishes Ruksar is innocent, so that the family tension gets less. She wants Kabeer to get Ruksar back, so that at least Zeenat recovers. She is sure to fight with the problems, as long as Kabeer is with her.

Vivaan and Meera make Sunny accepts all his crimes, by mocking Vivaan’s death. Sunny loses his cool when he learns their plan. He angrily abducts Meera and gets her far from Vivaan. She asks him to let her go. Sunny tells her that he knows Vivaan will follow her and come to die. He threatens Meera and ignites fire to kill Meera. Vivaan reaches the warehouse to save Meera. Sunny asks him to save Meera from the fire if he can. Vivaan struggles to free Meera. Sunny and Vivaan have an action fight again. Vivaan and Meera struggle a lot and run away from the warehouse. The warehouse blasts. Sunny gets trapped inside. Vivaan and Meera get worried for Sunny’s life.

Roop to become Harman-Soumya’s savior in Shakti… Harman and Soumya get surrounded by the kinners’ group. They get caught. They wonder why are kinners after them. Harman asks them to tell whom they want. The kinners tell Harman that they want Soumya. He asks them to take Soumya, she has become a problem for him. Soumya asks him did he go mad. He tells her that he isn’t a fool. She asks him to fight later, and save her now. She reminds how she has saved him before. He doesn’t want to big danger over their lives. Roop and Ishika visit that place, since they are out on college picnic. Roop loses the track. He asks people about the highway.

Nandini feels she is the problem in Kunal’s life. She asks Kunal to get away from her and go back home. She holds herself responsible for Kunal’s accident. She tells him that she has complicated his life, if she restricted her emotions, everything would have been fine in their lives. Nandini tells him that they should end their relation, he should go back to Mauli. She sheds tears and tells him that she can’t think of Mauli’s sorrow. He consoles Nandini. He realizes that she is in much pain. He tells her that their relationship is at a stage where he can’t back out and leave her alone. She doesn’t want him to face humiliation because of her. He tells her that she isn’t a decent woman, she is a stain on the society, he will also suffer because of her. She wants to sacrifice her love for Kunal.

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