Udaan moving ahead to its dramatic climax

Udaan moving ahead to its dramatic climax

Udaan moving ahead to its dramatic climax… Chakor and Suraj plan their visit to Banaras. They want to be sure of Gumaan. Chakor suspects Gumaan to be lying to them. She wants to verify if Gumaan has lied to them and why. She tells Suraj that Gumaan would really bail out Imli and plan something evil. Gumaan asks his goons to kill everyone in the haveli and village. He wants to spread the destruction. Gumaan reaches the police station and creates a havoc. He gets Imli released from the jail. Gumaan’s men attack the haveli in Suraj and Chakor’s absence. Chakor and Suraj soon learn about Gumaan’s move to attack their family.

They return to the haveli to save Saanvi and entire family. Suraj gets a proof of Gumaan’s crimes, and initiates a battle to save everyone. Garima meets them and reveals Gumaan’s next move. Garima tells them how Gumaan stabbed her to kill her. She tells them that Vatsala is in big trouble. Chakor rushes to haveli to save Vatsala, while Suraj runs to save his family.

Vatsala learns Gumaan and Imli’s evil. She insults them and spits on Imli’s face. Imli rages and commands her crime partner Gumaan to ruin Vatsala’s respect. Chakor finds Gumaan molesting Vatsala. She takes a step to protect Vatsala. She learns the crimes of Gumaan and his brothers. She wants to punish Gumaan. She can’t tolerate any woman’s humiliation. She tells him that she had to come to kill his evil. She insults him. Chakor beats Gumaan and tells him that she will not leave him today. She wants to kill him. She empowers the other women as well. Vatsala gains inspiration and courage from Gumaan. She also gets strong and beats him. Suraj and Chakor realize how Imli and Gumaan are spreading terror, and put an end to their evil.

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