Bepannaah: Twists in Aditya and Zoya’s new phase of life

Bepannaah: Twists in Aditya and Zoya's new phase of life

Bepannaah: Twists in Aditya and Zoya’s new phase of life… Aditya consoles Zoya, when she breaks down. He tells her that every happiness will return back to her. She asks him by what right is he saying this, what’s their relation. He tells her that she is the one who taught him to live again, she has inspired him for living again. He says you have filled belief and courage in me. Zoya has realized her love for Aditya. She has broken her marriage with Arshad, and married Aditya. Her family gets upset with her. Aditya wants Zoya to be strong. Wasim can’t believe that Zoya has gone against the family for marrying her love once again.

Aditya and Zoya want to support each other’s love. Zoya sheds tears and begs Wasim to open the door open. Zoya tries to convince Wasim. She doesn’t know what to do. She tells Aditya that nothing will get fine now, where will she go leaving her dad. She has gone against her dad just for Aditya. She tells Aditya that she can’t go away from her dad, what will she do if her dad ends ties with her. She thinks of the consequences of Wasim’s anger.

Aditya promises Zoya that he will be with her in life’s every phase, they will face ups and downs together. She says dad hates me now, everything is over for me, dad won’t listen to me. He tells her that its his promise that he will always protect her from all the sorrows, till they are together, he won’t let any pain touch her. He gives her new hopes. Aditya pacifies to lessen her pain. He says your dad is stubborn like you, he won’t change his decision this way, he will change his mind only he wants to. He asks her to give some time to her dad. Aditya takes Zoya with him.


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