YHM and Ishqbaaz: A new awakening for IshRa and Shivika

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Ishqbaaz

Sudha vents her anger on Ishita that her brother Rajat is dead. She asks Ishita how did her justice get equal when she herself has taken a life. She blames Ishita and Raman for drawing Rajat to this limit of guilt that he committed a suicide. Ishita understands Sudha’s pain and sympathizes with her, while Ruhi breaks her silence and scolds Sudha for being so irresponsible towards human lives. She asks Sudha if she really cared for Rajat, since his alcohol addiction was never a problem for Sudha. She makes Sudha realize her incapabilities in being a good sister. Sudha wants to ruin Raman and Ishita, before Ganpati Visarjan. She takes Rajat’s death as injustice. Sudha makes a plan to trouble Raman and Ishita. She wants to put them in problem and teach them a lesson.

Shivay’s unique way to find the culprit gets interesting. He brings a smile on everyone’s face by his entertaining talk and gestures. Shivay cooks food for his family and keeps his identity hidden, so that Mohit doesn’t catch him. He doesn’t want police to get any information about his stay in Oberoi mansion. The family finds the food very similar to Shivay’s dishes, and suspects on Shivay.

Anika realizes that Shivay is living with them as Majnu Awara, and soon the truth reaches Omkara and Rudra as well. Shivay shares his recent findings with them about the change in time seen in the CCTV footage. They team up to unmask the murderer. The upcoming track will bring a shocking revelation, where Shivay will realize his best friend’s biggest deceive. He will learn Mohit and Nancy’s conspiracy in murdering Mohit’s real wife. Shivay’s belief in friendship will face a big let down with Mohit’s move. Mohit gets enmity against Shivay. Mohit is sure that though Shivay knows the truth, he won’t be able to prove it. Mohit had made a fool proof murder plan. Shivay has to collect clues and expose Mohit’s plotting.


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