Ishqbaaz: Shivika get united once again

Ishqbaaz: Shivika get united once again

Ishqbaaz: Shivika get united once again… Shivay tries hard to hide his identity. Anika finds him in her room, but he covers up by making excuse. He finds her in danger, when the diya burns her saree. She gets shocked by his gesture. She senses Shivay by his touch. She sees his extreme worry evident on his face. He blows off the fire by his hand. He tells her that he has just helped her seeing the fire. She calls him Shivay. He tells her that he isn’t Shivay. She tells him that even if he lies to her, she knows Shivay’s touch, her heart is witnessed this that he is Shivay. He tells her that she is mistaken about him, since she thinks about Shivay all day long. She asks him to stop lying, she knows Shivay well. She tells him that she isn’t joking. She makes him swear to admit the truth. He admits that he is Shivay. Anika hugs him. She asks him if he is fine. She tells him how worried she was for him. He tells her that he has seen her worry, everything is evident to her.

He asks her not to tell anyone about his identity, since he doesn’t want police to trouble the family. He asks Anika to keep things a secret. He goes to his brothers and spends time with them. Shivay gets some peace while talking to them. Omkara and Rudra miss Shivay. Shivay melts down in front of them. He then covers up for his words. He tells them that he is the chef and he will cook for them. He tries to take Shivay’s place. He enjoys with them, and makes them smile again. He tells Mohit that he is making food for him. Mohit ruins the dish in anger. He expresses his hatred for Shivay. Omkara and Rudra get angry when Mohit ruins their moment. Mohit gets frustrated on their joy. Anika conceals Shivay’s truth from everyone. Anika tells Shivay about the call from Morocco. He gets information about Nancy. He tells Anika that Mohit doesn’t have any enemy. She tells him that Mohit won’t help them.

She tells Shivay that he shouldn’t take the risk. He tells her that he has to take the risk and meet Mohit as Shivay. Bhavya comes home to meet the chef to know about Shivay. She tells them that she has just the call records and have to interrogate Anika. Anika has no idea about the new threat. Shivay tells her that he has made the calls to know about Nancy. Bhavya doubts that someone is hiding. Anika tries to stop her. Shivay doesn’t get his fake moustache. He asks Anika to help her with it.

Anika manages to pick the moustache. She answers Bhavya about the international calls. She tells Bhavya that she doesn’t need to answer anything unrelated to the case. She taunts Bhavya for not helping Shivay, even when she knows Shivay is innocent. She tells Bhavya that she will help Shivay prove his innocence. Bhavya tells her that she is just doing her duty. Anika also wants to do a wife’s duty. Shivay meets Bhavya as Majnu Awara and asks her to shoot her questions regarding Shivay.

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