YHM: Raman gets strong-willed for Ruhi’s sake

YHM: Raman gets strong-willed for Ruhi's sake

YHM: Raman gets strong-willed for Ruhi’s sake… Sudha lands up at Bhalla house to ruin their reputation and happiness. She tells the marriage consultant about Ruhi’s past. She tarnishes Ruhi’s image. She also reminds Ruhi her painful childhood. She tells Monica that Ruhi lived in trauma and isn’t mentally stable. She also ruins Ishita and Raman’s image. She tells Monica about the crimes done by Ishita and her family. Raman asks Sudha not to say anything about Ruhi. Sudha asks them to expose Ruhi and family’s dark secrets in front of the family. She asks them not to cheat the family by lying. She asks Monica to tell the groom’s family about Ishita and Raman’s crime records. She wants to hurt Ishita and Raman’s sentiments by insulting the family. Monica tells Ishita that she can’t find the alliance for Ruhi.

Ishita stops her and tells her how they have gone through a lot and still stand united. She tells Monica that they didn’t do any crime, any alliance for Ruhi would be given much respect. She asks Monica not to fall in Sudha’s words. Sudha vows to ruin their happiness and declares her motives clearly. She promises Raman that she won’t let happiness come their home. Ishita and Raman get angry on Sudha for her mad revenge. Raman turns upset and aloof. The family wants him to stay positive. Aaliya tells Ishita that they should take Raman to the physiotherapist and keep his wish. Raman refuses to meet the therapist. Ishita tells him that he won’t get the appointment later. Ruhi convinces Raman for meeting the therapist. Ruhi gets busy in the office work. Romi asks her to attend an important meeting and not let the partnership break. He tells her that he would be joining her in some time at the office.

Aaliya asks Ruhi to go with Raman. She goes to attend the meeting. Aaliya meets the same guy and gets irritated. The guy gets mistaken about the girl. He thinks Aaliya has come for the marriage alliance talk. He calms down and tries to know her opinion. Raman goes for the therapy and gets much help. Ishita talks to the doctor and wants Raman to be strong willed so that he can walk on his own. Rohan asks Aaliya about her likes, hobbies and activities. Aaliya gets confused when he asks personal questions. She answers him. He likes her by the first meet. He tells her that he wants his life partner to spend more time with him and know him well. She likes his thoughts. He tells her that they have to check if they are compatible. She learns that he has come to talk about marriage.

Aaliya and Rohan get into an argument. Ruhi gets stuck in a problem. Sudha gets troubling Ruhi to upset her further. Ishita encourages Raman and asks him to recall his promises made to Ruhi. She asks Raman to trust himself and try to walk. She helps Raman put more efforts for the sake of Ruhi.


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