Silsila – Navratri Special episodes to bring new twists


Navratri Special episodes will be seen in Silsila merger. Dida plans to bring Kunal and Mauli closer. She wants them to give another chance to their marriage. Nothing remains the same between Kunal and Mauli. Deep and Aarohi meet Kunal’s family. They request Kunal and Mauli for the dance. The couples perform Garba. Kunal is fulfilling Dida’s condition. Dida asks him to stay at home with Mauli for a month and not meet Nandini. Dida is sure that Mauli can stop the divorce. Dida doesn’t want them to get separated. Kunal and Mauli pretend to live normal. They have a moment during their drama. Everyone wants to see Kunal and Mauli to be back together.

Dida creates situations to unite them. Kunal gets restless to meet Nandini by making excuses. Kunal tries to divert Dida and make a leave from the pandal. Mauli realizes Kunal’s loss of interest in their relationship.

Her decision for divorce gets more certain. Deep and Aarohi also perform dance. They want Kunal and Mauli’s problems to get sorted. Aarohi tells Mauli about her relationship with Deep, which is also very complex. She asks Mauli to give a chance to Kunal and their marriage. She encourages Mauli to hold her rights on her husband and bring him on the right path. Aarohi’s advice gets understood by Mauli. Mauli knows Kunal is doing wrong, but doesn’t want to burden him with an unwanted relation.


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