Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings testing time for KaiRa

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings testing time for KaiRa

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings testing time for KaiRa… After the big marriage drama, Kartik and Naira finally unite. Kartik wants to assure Naira that they are one soul, and will fight with everything together. He tells her that illness is a small thing in front of their powerful love. He inspires her to accept the fate, and find positivity in it. Kartik tells her that her change in decision for marriage due to her illness, her sorrow and pain, have brought the families together. The families have forgotten their bitterness and even Suwarna’s hatred is gone, because of her condition. Naira also sees the brighter side, but stays afraid that things can go out of hand, Kartik has decided to support Naira, while she battles for her life. He wants Naira’s future to get bright. They have an emotional moment. Naira’s surgery would decide their relationship’s future.

Kartik tells his family that whatever the result of the surgery, he will always be with Naira, even if she forgets him, he will always fill in his memories in her mind, he will create fresh memories and win her heart if she loses the chapter of their love story from her mind.

Suwarna tries to end the annoyance, and apologizes to Naira. Suwarna sheds tears and tells Naira that she was mad by hatred to put all the blame on her. She realizes her responsibility towards children. She asks Naira to punish her, and never forgive her. Naira forgives Suwarna. She understands Suwarna’s pain. Suwarna tells her that she is wrong to say bad about her and misunderstand her. She feels ashamed and hates herself. She tells Kartik and Naira that she is responsible for their sorrow. Suwarna’s emotional breakdown makes everyone cry. Kartik consoles Suwarna. He says it was all fate and now we should move on over the past sorrow. Kartik and Naira want to support Suwarna. Suwarna also apologizes to Naira’s family. Naira faints down once again. Doctor tells them that Naira should be operated soon. He asks them not to delay the surgery.

Kartik gets determined to prove his true love. Naira fears that she won’t be able to fulfill his expectations. Manish and Suwarna support Kartik, and respect his decision. Naira’s family supports her and encourages her to battle with the illness. They are sure that Naira will fight back for the sake of family. Kartik’s true love will be bringing Naira to normalcy.

Kartik accompanies Naira for her surgery. He wants the fate to bring positive hope and good future for them. Kartik stays anxious when Naira undergoes the surgery. He doesn’t want Naira to forget things, which will ruin her happiness. He wishes Naira doesn’t face any side-effects of the surgery, her memory remains intact. Kartik fears thinking if Naira will forget him after the surgery. He pins all his hopes on their destiny. The show will air an one-hour episode on Saturday, 29th September at 6 pm. Will destiny write Kartik and Naira’s union or push them apart? Keep reading.


  1. Waiting for tomorrow’s special episode.. hoping Naira will not forget Kartik post surgery. Wants to see them united. The show is stretching very long unnecessarily….I don’t know why the show brings Naira’s illness.


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