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Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

TR’s Quick Reads on Telly Reviews… Jija Ji Ghar Par Hai: Pancham can do anything for Ilaychi’s happiness. He bears Ilaychi’s mischief. She gets a fake snake to scare him. She acts scared. Pancham too gets scared seeing the snake. He tells her that he was practicing his singing. She asks him to save her. He asks her to make the snake away. She tells him that they have should an eyelock, maybe the snake will get scared and go away. She then picks the fake snake and jokes on his bravery. He asks her why is she always doing mischief. She laughs and tells him that she is just checking his bravery. He tells her that this isn’t good.

Pintu gets scared seeing the snake and jumps over Pancham. Ilaychi tells Pancham that his life is valuable to her, she will just trouble him to the limit he can bear. She calls both of them cowards. She gives them the fake snake and goes. Pintu asks since when did you start getting scared of snake, you have caught real snakes by hands, what happened now. Pancham says you will never understand this. Pintu asks why, I can understand. Pancham says Ilaychi got the snake with love, I thought to do this drama and acted snake so that she gets happiness. Pintu says you care for Ilaychi so much, you really love her. Pancham and Ilaychi love each other, but didn’t realize till now.

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi:
Samar has done a big mistake, which troubled his entire family. Samar apologizes to everyone and tells them that he will never get drunk again. He tells that he has no such addiction, he will become an ideal son once again. His mum gets too upset with him. Samar tells them that he has taken support of wine to deal with Jaya’s matter, but he was been wrong. Rama wants to join the family. She asks him to meet Jaya and mend his relation. Raman takes Samar to Jaya and Satya. She makes Samar apologize to Jaya and Satya. Rama succeeds to get Jaya back home. Dada ji gets happy seeing Jaya. Dada ji forgives Samar. Samar promises to not make similar mistake.

YRKKH: Kartik takes a surprising new avatar.. Naira gets angered on herself that she has forgotten Kartik for a while. She can’t believe how her illness is making her lose the best memories of her life. Kartik asks her to listen to him once. She refuses to get the surgery done. Kartik tells her that its equally important for her to get the surgery done, else things can get worse. He asks her not to change her mind by any fear, since the surgery has to be completed on time without any delay. Kartik asks her to believe in him, if not on her fate. She tells him that she is losing faith in destiny, but she will always have faith in him.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe gets help from Shukla. He manages to hide away from police, but Krishna follows Shukla to the place. She learns the matter about Prashant filing the case on Radhe. Prashant tells Krishna that Radhe has ruined her dreams by cheating her about her exam result. She doesn’t believe him. She thinks Prashant is lying to her. She started loving Radhe and blindly trusts him. She can’t believe that innocent Radhe can cheat her. Prashant tells her that Radhe has lied to her that she has failed in the medical entrance, while the truth remains something else. He shows her the result online and tells her that Radhe has cheated her and even kidnapped him to hide the result. He asks her to leave Radhe, who is nothing more than a criminal. He asks Krishna to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. Krishna gets confused and thinks Radhe has really cheated her when she was loving him heartily.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara get married. He is very happy and wants to tell her the truth. He is hopeful that all their problems will end. They leave for home. He takes his bride along. They both are happy together and wish a bright future. Zeenat explains Ruksar that she is alive because of Kabeer and Zara. She asks Ruksar to give happiness to Kabeer and Zara. Ruksar is stubborn and wants Kabeer. Zeenat asks her not to ruin Zara’s life. Zeenat is really grateful to Zara.

Jiji Maa: Suyash to conceal his critical illness… Niyati gets upset with Falguni for risking Vidhaan’s life. She can’t believe that her motherly figure has become so careless about Vidhaan. She restricts Falguni from meeting Vidhaan. Even Jayant supports her, since he wants Vidhaan to get fine. He asks Falguni to better mend her irresponsible behavior. Niyati asks Suyash to show some concern and love to Vidhaan, who is awaiting him since long. She asks Suyash if he has also ended love in heart for family like Falguni. Suyash apologizes to them. He hides about his cancer and its critical stage. He fears that Falguni will break down if she learns about his disease.


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