Muskaan: Fashion event to create troubles for Muskaan

Muskaan: Fashion event to create troubles for Muskaan

Muskaan gets nervous of walking the ramp. Ronak encourages her and asks her to come downstairs, he will also be with her. Muskaan gets his support. He tells her that she can’t back out, they have to rock the show. She falls down because of the heels. Ronak holds her in time. He tells her that he will always be there to support her. Fate brings them together. Ronak ends her discomfort and nervousness. Ronak and Muskaan walk the ramp as the show stoppers with a little girl, who is a patient fighting with cancer. Ronak falls for Muskaan and adores her. Ronak and Muskaan’s love story begins.

Muskaan gets troubled by Tabassum once again. She wants to get educated and become independent. Tabassum plans to sell her by keeping her auction in the birthday party. Muskaan gets late. When she arrives home, Tabassum and Sir ji create a huge drama and threaten to stop her studies. They don’t want Muskaan to take them for granted. Sapna asks Tabassum to get ready for Muskaan’s shocking elopement with her lover. Muskaan tells them that she has no lover, she goes to college just to study. Sir ji questions her about the college guy, who is much interested in her.

Muskaan doesn’t want Ronak to fall in trouble again. She bears everyone’s taunts. Sir ji welcomes VIP and invites him for the auction if he really wants Muskaan. Rakhi asks Sapna not to get jealous and wait for Muskaan to get out from their place. Tabassum learns about Muskaan’s ramp show. She slaps Muskaan. Sir ji asks Tabassum not to torture Muskaan, as the party is close. Tabassum shows him the newspaper with Muskaan’s pictures at the fashion event. Sir ji warns Muskaan against cheating them. He reminds her that Aarti is soon returning to meet her. Muskaan has many enemies and have to deal with them.


  1. Poor muskaan. i don’t know why tabassum has given her permission to study or even go to college. no other girl in the show is not willing to study, then why Muskaan. I am surprised with the script, how the writers make????

    • muskaan save your self from tabassum, she gets to know about your fashion event… Raunak help Muskaan from the hands of tabassum… the story is somewhat different from saas-bahu dramas


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