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TR’s Telly Reminders… Kaleerein:
Vivaan goes to fill sindoor in Meera’s hairline. Meera stops him and breaks the moment by throwing the sindoor away. He didn’t know that she learnt his and Paromita’s relation truth. She tells him that their relation is over. She reveals that she has seen him with Paromita in flashed. She tells him that they won’t be together now and they won’t talk. She is very angry. Vivaan tries to convince her with love. She blindly trusted Vivaan. Her belief in him breaks down. Meera goes to Paromita’s haveli. She tries to find clues about Paromita. She wants to know who is killing the people to suppress the truth. She thinks Vivaan is disappearing the evidences. Meera wants to find more details about Paromita.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara’s love to get tested… Kabeer and Zara have romance and get happy. Ruksar breaks their moment and ruins their happiness. Ruksar gets mehendi leaves and tells Kabeer that she will apply mehendi of his name and not wash her hands till he tells the truth to Zara. Ruksar brings the truth out, which shatters Ruksar. Zara sheds tears and breaks down. Zara is very strong-minded. She knows dealing with her pain. She doesn’t want to do anything wrong, knowing committing suicide is a wrong move. She locks herself.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Agarwal family keeps puja for Ved. Pandit stops Bhoomi from sitting on the havan. He asks Vedika to sit, since she is Ved’s biological mother. Bhoomi gets much hurt. She gets her pandit there to defend her. Bhoomi’s pandit tells them about the tough tapasya to be done by both the mothers. Bhoomi challenges Vedika. She gets insecure. Vedika and Bhoomi will be giving an Agni Pariksha for their son Ved. Sahil and entire family get worried for the duo. Vedika prays and walks on the hot burning coal.

Suraj realizes Chakor is in some problem, when he gets her dupatta. He runs inside Rajeshwari’s house. He finds Chakor in big trouble. Suraj threatens Bacha Pandey and his goons. He protects Chakor. He beats all the goons. Bacha Pandey and Rajeshwari get scared seeing him. Suraj tells them not to awaken the animal in him, because if that animal awakens, he will eat them raw. He gets scolding them in a filmi way with heavy dialogues. Suraj turns into an angry young man. He tells Rajeshwari that Chakor isn’t alone, she isn’t fighting with them alone, she has her husband with her. He says Chakor has me on her side, she has my power too, entire Aazaadgunj will support her, don’t think Chakor is alone and vulnerable. Suraj vents out anger on Rajeshwari. He tells her that he will kill her if she sends her goons home to scare her daughter.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni’s life gets a new storm. Suyash has asked Falguni for the divorce. He tells Falguni that he has ended the relation from heart and wants to end it on papers too. He tells her that he wants to get away from her. Falguni gets a big shock on seeing Piyali hiding in her room. She sees Piyali there and asks Suyash what is he doing with Piyali. Suyash tells Falguni that he doesn’t love her. He lies to her that he loves Piyali and wants to marry her. He tells her that Piyali has taken her place in his life. Falguni can’t believe this. Suyash tells Falguni that he will soon marry Piyali.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:
There is high drama between Jaya, Samar and Satya. Jaya leaves her Sasural, being upset with her husband Samar. Samar and his mum Rama meet Jaya and Satya, and apologize to them. Rama tells Satya that she has come for the talk. She says you have told me about Samar’s mistake, so I have got him to apologize to Jaya. She says till Samar gets forgiveness from you all, I won’t forgive him. Samar folds hands and apologizes to Satya and Jaya. Satya melts heart and forgives him. Satya lets Jaya unite with Samar and return home. Satya tells Samar that she understands that everyone makes mistakes, and won’t hold annoyance for long, but he should learn a lesson from his mistakes. Samar promises to keep Jaya happy.

Perfect Pati:
Maasa planned to send Vidhi with Rangeela. Rangeela kidnaps Bela by mistake. Maasa has learnt this that his plan failed. Rangeela feels he got cheated and comes home to argue with Maasa. Maasa and Ashwin handle Rangeela. Pushkar arrives at the same time and learn the matter. He threatens Rangeela and fights with him. Pushkar keeps his good image in front of Vidhi’s family. Rajshri organizes Vidhi’s Mu Dikhai ritual.

Salim and Anarkali are going to meet after 12 years. Anarkali fears if Salim will recognize her and remember their friendship, since the long distance have broken their childhood friendship. Salim still has her memories in mind. Salim returns to his palace and looks for Anarkali. Salim gets mesmerized seeing Anarkali performing in the court. Their love story begins.


  1. Dastaan-E-Mohabbat, a new show looks really impressing…. we are looking forward for salim’s and anarkali’s evergreen love and romance.


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