Raghu to provokes Shivani to handle Daaju's business

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se is witnessing high voltage drama as the main lead Raghu ( Arhaan Behl) will instigate Shivani to take up the responsibility of business. He opposes Shivani’s brother Jazz involvement in the business. He knows that Shivani will do exactly opposite of what he says, therefore he decides to take the help of reverse psychology. He instigates Shivani against handing the business which leads the latter to take up the business responsibility on her shoulder. Raghu challenges her that she can’t handle the business alone and makes her remember the time when she used to get scared during exams. Raghu says, I will handle the business and asks her to stay at home. Shivani replies him saying she used to get scared during exams but eventually she comes out as a winner. Jazz, Mahima and Renuka Aunty tries to discourage Shivani from going to the office. Jazz fears that their mishandlings will be revealed to Shivani and she may throw her out of
the house. Shivani takes up as a challenge and decides to go to office to fulfill Daaju’s dream.

On the other hand, Raghu’s brother in law Rupesh comes to Raghu’s home after a year of seperation from his wife Bella. He is a greedy person whose main motive is to get Raghu’s wealth anyhow. He starts working on his mother’s moves, which makes the family members decide to change the house when Raghu gets the money. Raghu doesn’t want to take the property given by Maliksaa as he believes it is Shivani’s right and not his. Shivani misinterpret’s Raghu caring nature and starts hating him. Jazz, Mahima and Renuka Aunty are the creators of the misunderstandings between Raghu and Shivani. Raghu always thinks of Shivani’s betterment as he promised Maliksaa that he will protect Shivani from all the troubles until he is alive. He resigns from his job to help Shivani at the office.

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Mahima tries to persuade her against her decision but Shivani is adamant as the question raised is about her ego. Panna tai, a servant makes her eat the curd and sugar. Shivani comes to the office for the first time. She gets warm welcome by the office employees. She gets impressed with the decoration which was done with Raghu’s instructions. Shivani is moved by the gesture of her employees. She looks at Raghu with confidence. Raghu is happy for her but doesn’t show his happiness. He indirectly boost her confidence.

What will Raghu do now to protect Shivani from her manipulating brother Jazz and his wife Mahima. Renuka Aunty is always ready with her evil plans, what will she do now? The new villian Rupesh, is upto something? His true intentions are yet to be revealed. Will Shivani ever get to know about Raghu’s sacrifices for her? Will Shivani and Raghu start falling for each other? Will the hatred will blossom into love? Some of these questions will be answered in the coming episode. Stay tuned to read this space for the latest update on the show.






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