Dhruv to marry Saanchi in Sony TV's romantic show Jee Le Zara

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Jee Le Zara showcases the love story of Saanchi and Dhruv. Saanchi is very strong, independent woman who handle the business and home after her parents demise in an accident. Her life resolves around her grannies, and siblings. Her grannies wants to see her settle in life and wishes for a good groom for her. One day Dhruv, young, handsome, carefree lawyer comes to Panchgani for a vacation, where Saanchi lives with her family. Dhruv resides at Saanchi’s friend Dilshaad place as a tenant. Dhruv gets impressed by Saanchi and eventually falls in love with her. Saanchi is always busy with work and taking care of her family. Dhruv is 7 years younger to Saanchi but the age gap doesn’t stop him from falling in love with Saanchi. When Dhruv proposes her, Saanchi refuses him and doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Dhruv was adamant to win over his lady love. He finally wins her. Saanchi falls in love with Dhruv. Jee Le Zara have some romantic scenes between Dhruv played by charming Ruslaan Mumtaz and Saanchi played by the talented Sangeeta Ghosh.

Dhruv introduces Saanchi to his family. His father Yashwarden Goel was interested in Saanchi’s land. Yash offers a deal to Saanchi but she refuses. Dhruv’s mother Neena begs Saanchi to forget Dhruv. Saanchi promises her that she will go from his life. Saanchi accepts Yashwarden’s deal and takes the cheque of 25 crores. Dhruv is shocked with the happenings and thinks that Saanchi choses money over love. Dhruv punishes himself and becomes a drunkard and devdas. Ankita, his childhood friend takes this opportunity and plays her card. She tells Neena that Dhruv slept with her, the previous night. Neena decides to get them engaged and talks to her husband Yash. Yash decides on the engagement date.

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On the engagement Day, Dilshaad comes to Dhruv’s home and asks him to listen to his heart. Dhruv gets restless. He tells Ankita that he can’t marry and ruin her life. He refuses for the engagement. Yash gets angry and decides to punish Saanchi for the insult. He forces Saanchi indirectly to deposit 25 crores worth cheque. Saanchi opts to mortgage her factory rather than encashing the cheque. Yash gets even more angry. Yash creates a circumstances to bankrupt Saanchi. Saanchi’s factory gets seized by the bank and her house is on the verge of it. When the bank officials comes to seize the house, Dhruv comes to the rescue and shows the sale deed papers. Saanchi is overwhelmed with emotions as Dhruv brought her house on her name. But she doesn’t show the happiness and goes to live at Dilshaad’s house.

Dhruv is adamant to marry Saanchi and makes plan to win her all over again. He invites her for their wedding with all the baratis and ofcourse band baaja baraat. He goes for shopping with the grannies. Saanchi wants to listen to her heart but the promise made to his mom stops her. What will Saanchi do now? Dhruv will marry Saanchi anyhow as he sticks to his promise. Stay tuned to know about their awaited wedding in Jee Le Zara.






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