Mansi refuses to marry her love Shashank in Zee TV's Show Pavitra Rishta

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Pavitra Rishta, One of Zee’s Popular Show is being produced by Balaji telefilms. It is going steady after the leap which brings the freshness in the show. It is quite popular among the young viewers because of the characters of Purvi and Arjun portrayed by Asha Negi and Rithvik Dhanjani. Ankita Lokhande is playing double role in the show and her portrayal as Ankita is very refreshing and a challenging role. As per the current track, Ankita gets married to Naren Karmarkar for securing her siblings’ future. Naren Karmarkar is a successful businessman but sometimes he gets anxiety attacks. Because of that, people think he is mad, but he is actually more understanding and caring than a normal man. He loves Ankita very much. His girlfriend Ahana dies in an accident and Naren thinks Ankita is his Ahana.

Naren’s brother Raunaq eyes lustfully at Mansi, who happens to be Ankita’s younger sister. Raunaq is forced to marry Kinnari by his aunt. He had no other option but to agree. Raunaq gets married to Kinnari and check in the hotel to celebrate their wedding night. Although he marries Kinnari, he cannot stop himself thinking about Mansi and imagines her everywhere. Meanwhile Mansi is about to get married to her sweetheart Shashank whom she loves a lot. Raunaq makes several calls to Mansi and troubles her. Mansi unable to bear it any longer decides to tell Kinnari about her husband’s reality. She makes conference call to Raunaq and Kinnari. Raunaq is oblivious to her plan, tells Mansi about his true intention towards her. He speaks badly about Kinnari too. When he comes in the room, Kinnari slaps him hard and asks him to get out. She calls him loser and says you don’t deserve any woman.

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Raunaq gets angry and goes to Mansi’s sangeet. He gets an opportunity and he messages her from Ankita’s mobile asking her to come to the terrace. Mansi comes to the terrace and gets shocked seeing Raunaq there. Raunaq tells her that he came to take revenge from her for spoiling his wedding night. Mansi gets scared. He rapes her. Mansi is shattered. All the family members are searching for Mansi as it happens to be her sangeet night. Mansi comes inside the house, fully drenched in rain water. She is still in shock and doesn’t know how to reveal about the trauma she had suffered. Raunaq goes to Kinnari and tells her about him raping Mansi. Kinnari is disgusted and slaps him repeatedly. Raunaq says, you don’t have any other option than to keep quiet. He says, your family will throw you out if you tell this to anyone. He threatens her with dire consequences. Kinnari decides to keep mum.

On the day of the bangles ritual of Mansi, Kinnari comes to the function and whispers in Mansi’s ears that she knows about her being raped by her husband Raunaq. Mansi is shocked and scared. Kinnari says, it is best if you keep quiet. It is in the best interest of both of us. She says, I came with Raunaq. Raunaq eyes his victim Mansi evilly. Mansi gets even more scared.

As per the sources, if news is to be believed we came to know that Mansi will refuse to marry Shashank as she thinks she is not sacred for marriage after the rape attempt. When Ankita propels her to say why she is refusing to marry, Mansi bursts into tears and tells her being raped by Raunaq. Ankita is shell shocked. What will Ankita do now. Will she keep quiet or get Raunaq behind the bars? Will Raunaq get severe punishment for his heinous crime like Rape. What will Naren do? Will he support his brother Raunaq or his wife Ankita. What will Shashank do is yet to be seen. Stay tuned to watch this space for more. We will bring more news for the viewers of Pavitra Rishta.






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