Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Star Plus show is heading for 8 years leap

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It is going for a 8 year leap and the protagonist of the show Gopi will be shown teaching the kids in Bhopal. It will be shown that she left her home after losing her daughter Meera. Meera’s death was planned by Gopi’s sister Radha. Radha is the heartless vamp in the show as she takes revenge from the cute and innocent two year old girl Meera for her husband’s death. She thinks Gopi had killed her husband and plans to take revenge from Gopi. When she doesn’t succeed to kill Gopi, she vent out her wrath on the little Meera. All the Modis blames Gopi for losing Meera and the most effected will be Kokila.

Kokila blames Gopi for the loss and therefore Gopi chose to leave the house. Gopi was pregnant when she left home. After the leap, it will be shown that Gopi has become a teacher and living with her second daughter in Bhopal. Meanwhile Rashi is taking care of home and raising her twin sons Tolu and Molu. What will happen now in Saathiya? Where is Ahem? Radha is the culprit who killed Meera but nobody knows about her cruelty. Will ever Modis will get to know about the truth behind Meera’s death? Will Ahem and Gopi unite after the leap. It is yet to be seen.



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    as the serial is taking a 8years leap, so it will be interesting to watch.

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