Simran to have a tough tiff with Lahori in Life Ok's show Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai.


Simran, the female lead of the show Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai, who was last seen romancing Rajveer, will be on a different track now. She will be shown having a hard-hitting tiff with Lahori (Rajveer’s mother). Lahori entered the Sanghwan house with the goal to kill everyone in the family. She regards them to be responsible for her husband’s death. Lahori brings a help for herself in the form of Rajjo, whom she wishes to get married to Rajveer. Simran has to make Lahori fail in her goal. Rajveer supports Simran which is Simran’s plus point but Lahori is unaware of this. Who will have the last laugh? Simran or Lahori? Only the coming episodes will tell. So Keep watching.




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