Adi choses relations over career in Star Plus show Pyaar Ka Dard Hain

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Last week, it was reported that Aditya Kumar has become MD of the Deewan Group. Everyone are happy except Aditya’s mami Sheela. Sheela shows her displeasure and refuses to be part of the celebration. Sheela’s brother Mangal and sister in law manipulates Sheela to no end. She goes on to ask Adi to leave the chair for her son Rubel. Aditya feels bad as his Mami didn’t trust him. He promises Sheela that he will make her son Rubel MD of the company in one week. Aditya like a ideal nephew give away his chair and lowers down in everyone’s eyes. Aditya’s mom Avantika feels bad for her son’s doings. Adi is asked by Avantika and her brother Anuj to take care of the site work. Adi readily agrees which makes Avantika suspicious of his moves. Rubel becomes MD of the company but refuses to accept Adi’s chair. Meanwhile Mangal and Padma are making plans to break the family. What will happen now? Will Aditya’s sacrifice gets unnoticed? Will Adi ever come back to the Deewan Mansion? To know these answers stay tuned to Pyaar Ka Dard Hain.






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