Pakhi to know about Anshuman’s truth in Life OK's show Tumhari Pakhi


Anshuman tried his best to hide his real face from Pakhi. But soon Pakhi will be knowing about Anshuman and Tanya’s love affair. Anshuman will be verbally outdone by Pakhi and will lose her trust and love. Will Pakhi’s love be still alive for Anshuman? It won’t be easy for Pakhi to accept the truth. It will be interesting to see how Anshuman winsback Pakhi’s trust and love. Anshuman has to see Tanya is not genuine and a fake personality. Anshuman have to realize Pakhi’s goodness which he feels every moment by her mature and fine words. Will Pakhi win over Tanya? Ayaan will help Pakhi in her aim and assure her to stay in the house. The show will take an unique twist. Stay glued.



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