Koffee with Karan 2nd February 2014: Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha

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The super cool Koffee with Karan set welcomes the audience to a sizzling chat with the sparkling and beautiful Sonakshi Sinha. K Jo welcomes her in the show. Sonakshi says I am little bit cautious this time, as last time I was linked up with Ranveer Singh as I praised him on this show. Karan says its lovely to see you in totally different light. Sonakshi says Lootera’s script was totally I was in love with. Karan says you have been given a good performance in Lootera, but you are not a size zero type of girl. She says I have lots of work right now, it’s a great feeling that young girls make me their inspiration, its nice.


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Karan: Is there any conjunction about your personal life, who is Sonakshi Sinha dating, no one knows, you are really clever.

Sonakshi: My close friends are not from the industry, I don’t have time to date, when I have time I m with my family. I wanted to get married since I was 16 and wished to have two children, but its far off dream now.

Karan: Are you that Gharelu types?

Sonakshi: I think so. (We also think so about you!!)

Karan: How was it working with Shahid?

Sonakshi : Great, I did not know him before, but he thought I have an attitude problem and he did not send his hello to me.

Karan then welcomes Shahid who has been in the industry for ten years. Sonakshi and Karan hug Shahid. Shahid likes the couch. (LOL!!)

Karan: How does it feel to be without a girlfriend?

Shahid: Relieved….. (Common to every man!!)

Karan: Have you erased Priyanka and Kareena from your memory?

Shahid: Nope, but I have some bad memories which I wish to
forget. (Sonakshi laughs!!)

Karan: You had two solid exes. (Shahid blushes!!)

Shahid: , I have always been a committed boyfriend but now I m not eager to make any commitment.

Karan: What about sexual freedom? (Its family show Karan!!)

Shahid: It can be even there when I m with my girlfriend in any relationship?

Karan: Does that mean you can make up with anyone being in any relationship?

Shahid: No, not that way, there won’t be any restrictions if we are comfortable, it can be exciting.

Karan: Is your status clear with Aditya Chopra?

Shahid: He messaged me on the success of R Rajkumar, I was waiting for six months and it was getting delayed so I have to tell them I can’t wait further, it was a fantastic script but I could not do that film.

Karan: Have you ever wept at any corner seeing your flops?

Shahid: Its time when you have to tell yourself about the thicks. You have to believe in yourself, I m good at what I do. My focus is to make people I work with happy.

Karan: Where you relieved when you read about box office review of Rajkumar?

Shahid: I saw a message from my producer about the success and I got little emotional.

Shahid sleeps in Sonakshi’s lap and asks her not to spoil his hair. Karan laughs.

Karan: Is it true that men take longer. (Pun not intended!!)

Sonakshi and Shahid laughs falling on the couch.

Karan: Does he take longer than you Sonakshi? (Don’t think the odd!!)

Shahid: She reaches before I do. (LOL!!)

Sonakshi: Put him before the mirror and then see.


Shahid and Sonakshi pull their legs on the show. Karan says this is multiplex kind of show. This is a classy show, please be elegant. Shahid sings Ab karunga Gandi baat……. (the song from the movie R Rajkumar) Karan says Shahid has gone mad, lets change the topic.

Karan: How do you react to Karan crop of actors?

Sonakshi: I don’t follow them.

Karan: Do you know their films?

Sonakshi: Ya, kind of, Highway, Haider, Hasi to Phasi….

Shahid : She does not remember her own films.

Karan: What about your film Lootera?

Sonakshi: Such films are rare.

Shahid: She sometimes forgets with whom she is working.

Karan shows the rapid fire winning hamper. Sonakshi asks Karan to start with Shahid.

Karan: Comment about Ranveer about Kaminey:

Shahid: No way, he can’t be better than me.

Karan: If you were to write biographies about these actors what would you name it?

Ranbir Kapoor: Shahid says Besharam
Kareena Kapoor: Shahid says Kareena Kapoor A biography, that’s it.
Priyanka Chopra: Shahid says Alive, wired, decoded.
Saif Ali Khan: Shahid says The Natkhat Nawaab

Shahid jokes on Karan Johar.

Karan: If you wake up in the morning and find Sunny Leone on your bed, what would you do.

Shahid: The obvious…..!! (Not obvious for Karan, DWL!!)

Karan: What would be easier to give up, acting or sex?

Shahid: Acting. (Sonakshi: Really??)

Karan: Your first celebrity crush?

Shahid: Raveena Tandon.

Karan: Have you hooked up with your girlfriend at any public

Shahid: Numerous. (Shahid is one of a kind!!)

Karan now turns to Sonakshi for the rapid fire round

Karan: Shahid’s most irritating habit as a costar?

Sonakshi: Getting ready for long.

Karan shoots the questions on her and she hits back. (The answers were not so witty, so did not cover!!)

Sonakshi does not answer more well than Shahid. Shahid’s answers were more witty. Shahid wins the hamper. They then play a one on one game by Karan like to sing Yo Yo Honey Singh first. Sonakshi plays the buzzer and sings the song. Karan asks any last thoughts about Sonakshi? Shahid says she is my favourite co star and I would like her to do such films like Lootera.

Karan: What about Shahid?

Sonakshi says he has become one of his favourites, other being Akshay Kumar. Karan says I wish you both more power to you, sign the mug next to you. The show ends on a cheerful note.







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