Kisay Apna Kahen 22nd January 2014 *1st Episode* Written Update

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About the show:

Kisay Apna Kahen highlights the tribulations of a middle-class family. The story revolves around a father who loves his four daughters and takes decisions for their future. Unfortunately these decisions turn out to be all wrong. Kisay Apna Kahen focuses on human psychology, greed, love and problems existing in our society.

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Written Update:

Bhai Miya comes home and calls his wife Zainab. Zainab is seen offering Namaz. Zainab greets him and says I was praying after offering Namaz. He says, your prayers are answered, I have fixed your daughter’s alliance and gives her sweets to distribute. Iqra comes and asks Zainab to fix her broken ring. She greets her father. Zainab asks her to distribute the sweets among them. Bhai Miya asks about his other daughters. Iqra keeps the sweets in the plate. Her sister Alisa and Shanze ask about the reason for bringing the sweets. Iqra says I don’t know. They come outside and greet their bauji.

Baui says, I fixed your sister Iqra’s alliance. Zainab asks, who are they? Bauji says, he is sayeed bhai’s son Salman. Our daughter will be very happy there. Zainab prays for her daughter’s happiness. Bauji says, think as if our daughter will go from one home to another home. Bauji praises Salman. He asks for Iqra’s approval. Iqra agrees. Alisa says but…..Bauji warns them not to challenge his decision as his decision is final.

Salman refuses to marry. Sayeed says, we are not forcing you to marry now itself, marry sometime later. Sayeed says you are not a kid anymore. Salman says but…I don’t know that girl, how can I agree for marriage. Sayeed asks, haven’t you heard Bhai Miyan’s name in the entire Khairagarh? He asks his wife Rafia to make Salman understand. Salman refuses to marry. Sayeed says, we don’t want anything bad for you. We are your parents. Rafia says, we will not get a good family again. Salman says you don’t care about me and forcing your decision on me. Sayeed asks Salman to come to the shop soon. Salman leaves angrily.

Alisa tells Zainab that buaji declared his decision about Iqra’s marriage.Zainab says, he even broke the pen after declaring his decision. She says you know your bauji naa. Alisa says, we are fighting for your rights and you are keeping silent. Iqra says, destiny have taken my life’s decision. Shanze says, you didn’t say anything. Bauji came and declared his decision like a king. Zainab says he is the king of this house. They argue that buaji should have ask for their opinion and consent. Zainab says, Iqra is my obedient daughter. Alisa says, obedient or a coward.

Maheen checks her daughter Laiba’s body temperature and calls her mother in law phuphu. She tells her that Laiba is having 103 degrees fever. Phuphu says, it happens sometimes and asks her not to disturb her husband. Maheen’s husband JD is playing cards and loses the game. He asks the fellow gambler to distribute the cards. Maheen tells her phuphu that her husband is not giving her any money. You know that Ammi fulfilled for our every needs. Phuphu praises her son and taunts her for bringing bad luck. Maheen thinks to call her husband JD but her mother in law stops her. She taunts her. Maheen replies that destiny is not in her hands. She taunts her for not giving a male child.

JD asks his friend to give money to him. His friend says, I know you relation with the gambling will never end. JD asks for the money. He gives the money. Jedi says, I will repay you money once I get it. They laugh.

Bhai Miyan asks his daughters and wife, who are opposed to my decision. Alisa says, you should have tell us before deciding about Iqra. Bhai Miyan asks, shall I decide after talking to you? Or take you opinion? He tells Zainab that they are thinking that he is getting old. He says, I have finalised my decision and is responsible for it.

JD comes home. Maheen asks for money for home expenses. JD asks him to get the money from her father’s Bhai Miyaan’s house. Maheen says, I don’t want to asks bauji. JD says, I don’t have money. My salary is finished. Phuphu says, Maheen is right, till when Bhaiji will take care of your home needs. She shuts JD’s mouth.

New neighbours come in the Zainab’s neighbourhood. Ali is keeping the things inside. Zainab comes in an auto and greets Ali’s mother Safia. Safia says we are your new neighbours, just shifted here. She introduces her son Ali to Zainab. Zainab asks her to tell if she needs anything. Ali and Safia thank her.

JD tells his mother that he don’t have money as his salary is low. Maheen says, I always forwards my hand infront of my parents. Phuphu says, I understand your feelings. JD says, I am going for work. I need money for business. Phuphu praises Maheen and says JD is a driver, doesn’t have a sufficient money. Maheen asks what to do? Phuphu asks Maheen to asks a taxi from her father Bhai Miyan.

Salman refuses for marriage. Rafia asks, what is your problem. Salman says I want to focus on business and stand on my feet. His mom emotionally blackmail him. Salman gets angry and says I will not agree to your sayings.

Bhai Miyan distributes sweets at his workshop. Naser asks him to talk to Khalid Bhai. Bhai Miyan talks to Khalid Bhai and asks him to get the materials delivered till the evening. Rasheda tells Bhaimiyan that her husband is not well and needs 9000 Rs for his treatment. Bhaimiyan readily agrees to give her money.

Zainab tells Alisa to take the food for their new neighbours. Alisa says, I am very tired. She calls her younger sister Shanze and asks her to take the food for their neighbours. Shanze flatly refuses. Zainab asks Alisa to take the food.

Alisa comes to give the food to their new neighbours Ali and Safia. Ali looks at her and thinks she is the girl of my dreams. Alisa thinks his character is loose that’s why he is staring at me. They have an eye lock. Alisa handover the food plate to Ali. Sofia thank her and praises the dish.

JD comes home and tries to convince Maheen to ask a taxi from her father Bhai Miyan. Maheen refuses. JD hurts her. Mahi agrees to ask for money.

Bhai Miyan is talking on phone about his daughter’s upbringing to Sayeed. Sayeed says, my son has agreed. Bhai Miyaan asks about the engagement date. Sayeed says, I will tell you after talking at home.

Salman tells his friend Shijaj that he refused for marriage. Shijaj says, you father will force you to marry. Salman says, I am not prepared mentally. Shijaj asks him to tell if he has any other problem.

Maheen comes home and tells Zainab about the torture and difficulties she has been suffering. Zainab asks her to have patience. Maheen complains that her husband JD couldn’t provide the food to her daughters. She says, your son in law JD is demanding a cab now. Zainab says, recently we bought a house for you. Maheen says, he wants to drive his own cab. Zainab says, I will talk to your Bauji but can’t promise anything,Iqra’s marriage proposal is going on.

Ali asks Safia, shall I give the Rabri to our neighbours. She says, I will give it, but Ali insists and goes to Bhai Miyan’s home. He rings the bell, Shanze opens the gate. Ali introduces himself. Ali gives their plates and says ammi send hyderabadi rabdi. He looks around for Alisa. Shanze asks, are you searching someone? Ali says no.

JD talks with his gambler’s friend about destiny and money. Maheen calls and asks him to pick her from Bauji’s home. JD asks her to ask her father to drop her. Bauji gives the chocolates to Maheen’s daughter. Maheen greets him and says I am going home. Bauji says, I will drop you home. Maheen calls her daughter Zara and Laiba to get ready.

Iqra is praying namaaz. Shanze and Alisa tell her that you didn’t do the right thing to agree for marriage. They praise Salman and says he is also obedient son.

Sayeed is speaking with his wife Rafia. She says, Salman refusing to marry Iqra. Sayeed asks her to agree Salman. He asks, I don’t understand why you are refusing for marriage? Tell us, why you don’t want to marry. Bhai Miyan is asking for the engagement date. Salman says, I can’t marry as I love some other girl.

Next Episode:
Salman talks to his ladylove and says I will fight with everyone for you. Sayeed says, Salman is getting rebellious. Someone comes to Bhai Miyan’s house and Iqra opens the door. He looks at her. Rafia says marriage is fixed, we will take our daughter after 7 days.





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