Koffee with Karan 26th January 2014: Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt

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Yet another episode of your favorite super cool show Koffee with Karan starts with the witty and full of enthusiasm Karan Johar. He brings you the juicy bits of Bollywood’s stars. He welcomes the serial kisser of Bollywood, the low profile Emraan Hashmi. Emraan enters the show smiling and looking as dashing as ever. Karan hugs him and shows him the couch. Karan says its your first time on this show. Emraan says yes it is. Karan says are you aware of this show. Emraan says I did my homework, but I don’t know whats coming my way.

Karan: Your stardom is silent, we have never seen you at any party, your profile is low. Were you always like this as a person?

Emraan: I never wanted to be an actor, it was not my ambition, I don’t see Bollywood films, I went in couple of films parties, and I did not find anything connecting to me. I m glad that I don’t watch Bollywood films.

Karan: Is there a method you adapted how you kiss on screen? A director told me that you cracked a way to kiss in films, is it a craft to make a kiss look good?

Emraan: Practice makes it perfect, it started with Murder.

Karan: We hardly know about your wife, she is your high school sweetheart and you are the only husband who is allowed to do such films. We never see her, we don’t know how she looks at and how is her reaction to your kissing image.

Emraan: I made the mistake sitting next to her in preview theatre, they knew what the film had, my grandma was there too, she did not like the film. My wife was digging her nails in my hand that what have you done and this is not good.

Karan: Has she accepted the situation?

Emraan: No, now we have a deal, I take her for shopping, she swipes the card to certain numbers. I m not showing anything more on screen, no dropping towels, no butt tracks. This is as far as I can go.

Karan welcomes the next guest who is one of the most intelligent minds of Bollywood, the exceptionally bright Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt walks in and sits beside Emraan.

Karan: You are being blamed by this man to make him drop his towels and reach the sexual appeal heights, do you take this blame?

Emraan: His 40 crores flat is thanks to me, he should be greatful to me, we provided him everything.

Karan: It’s a distributor’s demand that we want to see Emraan Hashmi kiss. (Emraan laughs!!) He has to lip sync a sad song and kiss, it your life truly contrary, are you a good faithful husband?

Emraan: Yes, I am. My wife will be watching this show. Sometimes I protest on kissing scenes. The kiss gets bizarre when you don’t know the person.

Mahesh: They need to become conservative too, while there is a different section. He tries to unstitch himself. One day I was driving my car and I saw in an autorickshaw, there was his serial kisser image. When his films did not worked, I said go back to your core constituency, back to kissing.

Karan: Emraan you don’t meet anyone in the industry, you are saved from grief, did anyone say this is uncool.

Emraan: Most of my family says this guy is not good.

Mahesh: When we made Murder 2, I asked Mohit to make the kiss get out of the way soon, we made sure it was in first 10 mins. The theatre was ready with hoo haa and whistles.

Emraan: When I did not kiss, the audience said what happened to him, is he ill.

Karan: That’s ridiculous. If you made an erotic thriller with real sex scenes then what.

Mahesh: That’s not possible, we don’t have that space in our country with adult content.

Karan: Emraan is willing to explore that and be exploited.

Karan shows some sizzling photos of Emraan Hashmi on screen. Aaliya Bhatt says I remember that first time I saw the movie Footpath, I was watching Emraan and I did not know he was related to me. (Mahesh and Emraan laugh hearing this!!) Some photos of Mahesh with Aaliya are shown. Aaliya speaks about being the Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter tag. I was not embarrassed that my father makes A rated films. The video ends. Mahesh says she gave the feeling that she was right here with us.
Emraan says what she said was right. Mahesh is my Chacha and we met only thrice, as he was busy. Before I joined Mukesh Films, it was a party where we met for the first time in 34 years.

Emraan: There was a deal between us, after every successful film, I had to give him a gift. Money or any gadget, I had many hit films and he got 40 tablets from me.

Karan says now will be the rapid fire round, lets see how steamy it becomes. I m the jury who decides the winner. It has to be a tussle of words.

Karan starts with Mahesh first.
Karan asks one thing one you want to change about our industry.

Mahesh: The pathetic lust for the Oscars.

Karan: An idea that changed your life?

Mahesh: There is nothing like enlightenment.

Karan: React to the following in one word: Reality shows?
Mahesh: No reality at all.
Karan: Casting couch?
Mahesh: Reality.
Karan: Censor board?
Mahesh: Changing in India.
Karan: Remake and sequels?
Mahesh: Money making device.
Karan: Award ceremonies?
Mahesh: Illusion.
Karan: An overrated film and director?
Mahesh: Barfi and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
Karan: One person who should not date Aaliya.
Mahesh: No one should date Aaliya, I will keep a lock on that.
Karan: Your favorite director?
Mahesh: Imtiyaz Ali.

Karan now turns to Emraan for the rapid fire round:

Karan: An idea that changed your life:
Emraan: His idea that I should kiss on screen.
Karan: If you could steal one thing from the following people, what would it be: Abhishek Bachchan?
Emraan: His wife.
Karan: Ranbir Kapoor? Emraan: His girlfriends.
Karan: Saif Ali Khan?
Emraan: His wife again.
Karan: Shahrukh khan?
Emraan: His house.
Karan: Your best on screen kiss with?
Emraan: In murder 2 with Jacqueline.
Karan: The worst one
Emraan: With Mallika Sherawat.
Karan: An actress you would to go on a date with?
Emraan: Katrina Kaif.
Karan: One thing you missed about being single?
EmraanL One night stand.
Karan: Have you hooked up at a public place?
Emraan: Yes I had.
Karan: The next director you would like to work with?
Emraan: Who made the 3 Idiots.

Karan says outstanding performances. Emraan and Mahesh crave for the hamper. The winner is Emraan Hashmi. Mahesh says I am heart broken. Karan says he took it away because of his immediateness. Mahesh was diplomatic. They then play a buzzer round where Karan questions like whats the full form of IAF. Mahesh says Indian Air Force while Emraan is busy thinking. Karan asks about some stars and asks about his latest film. It’s a tie and Karan says we need a tie breaker. Mahesh wins the round and gets a gift from Karan. Emraan says size does matter and laughs.

Mahesh says my gift is heavier than yours, do you want to change it. Emraan says thank you so much. Karan thanks both of them and says lots of love to you, sign the mug next to you. The episode ends with Koffee with Karan theme music playing in BG.







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