NDTV's Greatest Global Indian Living Legends


NDTV’s Greatest Global Indian Living Legends : 25 Amazing Personalities

Few words from the legends themselves….


Many people don’t believe in miracles. Miracles do happen, see I was an ordinary bus conductor, sharing the desk with greatest living legends. He thanks NDTV for giving him this honour. He thanks his brother, his Guru, and Tamil people, as without love he would have not been here.

A R Rahman:
I am deeply humbled. I never knew I will be here. All I want to say is, I want to thank my state Tamil Nadu, which encouraged me so much, my mother, my music teachers and I know I have to go a long way to do many things and many dreams, if God allows me to do. Being Indian is a great blessing. God bless. Thanks.

Shah Rukh Khan:
Thanks NDTV for the honor. Firstly, you have to be thankful to the Almighty, your parents, teachers. We have to be greatful to everyone who works for us and with us, make us who we are. I believe you are not unique, but alone. Gratitude is the attitude. Don’t try to be someone else, you will find someone else better than you. Two greatest gifts life has given you, that’s freedom to fail and ability to say I don’t know. Be yourself as everybody else is taken. Before you enter a public place, check your zip is not undone. Thanks everyone, God bless you.

Vikram Seth:
As I was coming here, I was tumbling. Dr. Roy said absent minded professor. I know everyone else was invited months ago and I was invited two days ago, so someone dropped out. I have accepted this with grace. I am much happier to be here with my parents. Ela Bhatt said poverty is violence. I would say in perfectly parallel mode that intolerance is violence. You may be just yourself. In all matters, you must go at heart with who you are. I owe more than to my parents that I can describe. Choose your parents well.

Sachin Tendulkar:
I m extremely honored to receive this award. I want to congratulate Dr. Roy and NDTV team for completing 25 years. My grandma says health is wealth, take care of your health. When I look at current generations, I would urge all the youngsters to engage themselves in outdoor activities, play some sport, find some passion in life, its about fitness and good health. My sport taught me lot of things. Respect the opposition, not to take things for granted, have strategies, to be able to execute your plans, and to face defeat. I learnt when you are defeated, you stand up to face another challenge. I would encourage Indian youth to dream.

Indra Nooyi:
I left India 35 years ago and went to United States. I had wonderful upbringing in India, so I m thankful. I would like to share my three lessons. First, be a lifelong student, don’t lose curiosity. Second, whatever you do, throw yourself into it. I look at my job as my passion. Third, please help others rise. Greatness comes not from a position, but from helping build the future.

Mukesh Ambani:
I want to thank NDTV and Pranay Roy for this award. I want to dedicate this recognition to my father Shri Dhirubhai Ambani and to the people at Reliance. My three life learnings. First, dream big, align your passion in life with a goal. Second, there is no substitute to hardwork. It is important to pursue excellence and success will chase you. Aim to become the best. Third, it is very important to be positive and optimistic. Believe in India, because this country gives every Indian an opportunity to realize his dream. The best of India is yet to come.

Amitabh Bachchan:
Thanks for this recognition by NDTV. I feel very humbled and privileged to be here. My three advices for the next generation. First one was given to me by my father. Mann Ka ho to Acha and Na ho to aur Acha. Never allow criticism to get you down. Second, never ever put any kind of negativity. Third, don’t ever be a borrower.

N R Narayana Murthy:
I am extremely grateful to NDTV. Three important lessons I have learnt. First, Courage is the most important attribute. Second, The leaders have to be trustworthy first before high performance. Third, Let the good news take the stairs and let the bad news take the elevator.

Ratan Tata:
I am deeply grateful in having this recognition bestowed on me. I have been fortunate to see the country’s transition. I am happy to be a part of this great transformation. I want to see India grow. I believe this country is a nation we all should be proud of.

M S Swaminathan:
A group of experts said Indians have no future unless a thermo nuclear bomb kills them. We decided this will not happen, now we are able to assure 80% of the population has a legal right on food. It’s a historical transition. The future belongs to nations with grains, not guns.

Dr. Venkatraman RamaKrishnan:
It’s great honor to be here. I chose a path that is not very standard, there were many setbacks. I did have an interest in physics and I pursued that. I applied to 50 positions and did not get any interview, finally ended up in a job. You should pursue your interest. All of us have had amazing chances. We achieve anything by our community and people around us. Its our job to help young people achieve their dreams.

Kapil Dev:
It’s very hard for a sportsmen to talk too much. Try to fulfill your dream. If you don’t have a dream, you won’t reach anywhere, don’t lie to yourself and be proud to be an Indian.

Y K Hamied:
It’s an honor to be here. I want to relate of my life. I would like to share two experiences with you. The first lesson was the value of self reliance and self sufficiency. Second thing, education is important, there can’t be any compromise. We must implement our knowledge to contribute to the society. Individual success does not make a person great. What really matters is his contribution to the society. Time has a lesser impact on an older population. Congratulations to NDTV for 25th Anniversary.

Leander Paes:
I would like to thank everyone for this amazing experience. I am proud to share the stage with everyone. My father said son, go out to the world, and stand in your feet and be a man, live your dream and do it from your heart. My father was my greatest source of inspiration. It is amazing what can be achieved, with a little bit of believe in yourself and lot of hardwork. I am very proud to be an Indian. Thanks.

Zubin Mehta:
I owe a lot to my parents. The advice I can give is Practice. Without hardwork, none of us would be here. I bow my head to all of you. Lets finish this evening positively.

Waheeda Rehman:
I humbly thank Dr. Roy and NDTV for including me in their list. We are one, we all are made of same clay. It is important to have compassion. We are human beings made of same fabric. The key to happiness is encounting the blessings. Good health and good night’s sleep matters. Maintain your integrity. Love and peace matters at the end of the day.

Fali Nariman:
I must be a frank, as I lawyer, I am expected not to mislead. I don’t feel like one of the 25 living legend. The lady behind me to whom I have been married for 55 years is responsible.

Dr. S S Badrinath:
Let me begin my talk by wishing NDTV. I am very proud to be one of the 25 legends. This honor belongs to our institution. India really is a poor country. People are looking at good healthcare at affordable cost. India has a great future. Do the best you can for India. I want this country to be the greatest country in this world. Ask not what can you do, do what you can.

Ela Bhatt:
I feel so humbled and proud today. We need to recognize that poverty is violence. Poverty strips away a person’s dignity. Diversity is the key to life. We all live in correlation.

S H Raza:
Did not speak anything…

C N R Rao:
It is great to receive this recognition. I want to congratulate Pranay Roy for this imaginative thing. I have been a professor for 54 years and doing research for 62 years. The future of India is tied with science.

Amartya Sen:
Thank you very much, I m deeply grateful and extremely honored. If you get an honor that you think you do not deserved, its still very pleasant. If that honor comes from someone whom you admire, its even more pleasant. Its nicer to hear wise things from others than to say myself.

Hariprasad Chaurasia:
When my mum left me, I started struggling. I m still a student. Respect your parents and teachers, then Lord will be with you.

Anish Kapoor:
I have written on the wall of my studio a phrase which goes something like this… It is not what a thing means but what a thing is. When I work with a piece of stone or steel, I am looking for what it is, not what I have to say. That’s a process of respect that leads to questions.



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