Adi and Pankhudi unravels Mangal and Padma's truth in Star Plus show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.

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As per the current track, Pankhudi goes to Mangal and Padma and tells them that she knows about their conspiracy against Deewan’s family. Padma agrees to their crimes and strikes a deal with Pankhudi to stop the partition. Well, Padma asks Pankhudi to go from Adi’s life and settle Anu in Adi’s life. Pankhudi accepts the deal and asks for Nani’s jewellery. Padma agrees to give her Nani’s jewellery, which Sheela asked them to take care of. When Sheela asks Mangal and Padma about the bag containing the jewellery. They act innocent. Pankhudi tells Sheela that she has the bag. Sheela accuses Pankhudi for stealing the bag.

Pankhudi unravels the secret of Mangal and Padma and tells Sheela that they offered her jewellery inexchange of Adi for their daughter Anu. Sheela is left shocked. Adi confirms it and plays the audio recording of Padma’s testimony. Mangal tries to manipulate Sheela by his acts. Pankhudi raises the curtain from Anu and tells everyone that Anu is the one behind false news reports. While Mangal and Padma tries to prove innocent, just then Latika makes her entry and calls for Anu. Everyone get to know the secret about Mangal and Padma. Will the partition takes place or not? Will Sheela realises her mistakes and apologizes to Preeti and Avantika? Keep reading this space for more updates on your favourite show.

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