Guru ji to enter the Saangwaan house, Simran tensed in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

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Tau ji asked his Guru ji to come to his house and bless everyone. His arrival is going to make Simran tense as he is the one who has the power and ability to read faces and know the entire history of the person. Simran is tensed as her education truth and that she is from Singapore can come to the surface. She tries to ignore the Guru ji. But Tau ji asks her to do his Aarti and welcome him inside. Helplessly, Simran has to come face to face with Guru ji.

Guru ji’s Bhagwad Gita falls and Simran holds it and gives it to him saying its your Bhagwad Gita. Guru ji senses that Simran is literate and everyone in the house does not know her truth. He does not tell anyone about it as he is impressed by Simran. He sees Rajo’s face and comes to know the truth of her marriage with Rajveer. Rajo is shocked. How will the family react when they come to know that Rajo is staying in Rajveer’s room with Rajveer without being married to him? Keep reading.





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