Jai and Dhara to get closer, Dipika to plot an evil game in Sanskaar

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Jai and Dhara are knowing the importance of their marriage. Jai starts feeling that Dhara did not marry him for money and she really cares for him. He is touched by her emotions and goodness. Dhara acts like a protective shield to Jai and always saves him from all calamities. Jai is thankful to her and regards her as his well wisher. They start getting closer sharing the same room and bed. Jai also removes the partition between them and is trying to become a good husband. Though he still thinks he can’t give Bhoomi’s place to Dhara, but it would be unjust with Dhara.

Jai asks Dipika to look for a good life partner and move on in life rather than waiting for him. He tells her that he has moved on in life with Dhara and would like to give Dhara all the happiness she deserves. Dipika is angry hearing this and plots an evil game against Dhara with her cousin Ketki. Avni and her husband Hitesh enters the Vaishnav family to spend some days with them. Hitesh plans to ease out money from the rich Jai. It’s interesting to watch what will happen next. Keep reading and you will know yourself.

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