Pakhi to know about Anshuman’s love for Tanya in Tumhari Pakhi

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Anshuman and Tanya have been hiding the truth from Pakhi since much time, but Tanya decided to show the reality to Pakhi. Tanya tells Pakhi that Anshuman loves her. Pakhi is shocked to know the truth. Pakhi confronts Anshuman. Anshuman by all his guts, finally tells Pakhi that he does not want her in his life and wants to get rid of her. Anshuman says he loves Tanya, not her. Pakhi is stunned by his words. Anshuman now wants Pakhi to return back to Chittorgarh from where she came.

Pakhi has to go through a tough time now. On her support is only Girish, Lavanya’s husband, who is ready to go against Lavanya and Anshuman and help Pakhi win Anshuman’s love. It is to be seen how Pakhi by her goodness wins Anshuman’s love and outdo the fake personality Tanya. Anshuman has to find out the real meaning of love and understand his pure relation with Pakhi.





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