Hajera Hasan @ 10.31 PM IST:


Combating with a strong headache, I finished my work at DTB just now. Amena and I work for the same website since last January. We pass out the working hours chatting online sometimes. Though we are much dedicated towards our work. I begin my work at 5 PM and it ends now. I thought to check the stats and its rocking. Yesterday we had more than 1K visitors and even today its touching that mark, feels great.

I got some good suggestions today, will definitely work on them and make the website appealing to the readers. Keep reading, 3 articles added from my side in the evening. Right now, we are unable to cover each and every show, but will try in near future. Drop us the show name which you would like to read and we will cover it up asap. Thanks for the wonderful response guys. Keep reading.


  1. Hi
    m glad to see this new website.
    You need to change the layout of site to make it more appealing. I have seen sites like this for korean drama (dramabeans.com). I have a doubt whether tellyupdats.com is ur sister site or not. I am regular desitvbox user. Best of Luck


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