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Hi, friends. This is kind of my blog. Here I will be sharing with you what all I am writing for this site throughout the day. You can even get to interact with us by writing your comments. I will be replying to you by addressing your name. You can give us suggestions for improving our site. By Our, I mean, you and us. Think as this is your site too and do what you would do for improving your site. So be cool and converse with us. You can tell us what else you want to read on our site.

Since morning, I have written about Saraswatichandra, Koffee with Karan – Salman Khan, and an article in Star Gupshup. We started out site on 4th February 2014. It is not even one week old. Make us know how you like our content. Spend your two minutes of net surfing to leave a comment. Thanks and welcome to OUR site.



  1. Hi Hajera,
    I am a big fan of Koffee wih Karan.Karan johar is really witty and spontaneous.
    Small Suggestion:
    Well i believe the picture which is highlighted for this webpage does not match up with your content. A picture with telly stars and serial names would be more exciting.

  2. Why dont you try to give the page a royal blue color..blue attracts people..but it is common on most sites..so why not try the royal blue for a different while you attract people too…

    And if possible give updates for promos too..there are many people who watch hindi serials but they done understand..includes me too on that list..so a written update for promo would help us also to know the upcomming news…thanks.


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