Is Anushka Sharma dating Virat Kohli?

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We have heard it most recently about the latest rumors flying in the air about the beautiful actress Anushka dating the charming cricketer Virat. Also, another hit talk among women was Anushka’s lip and nose surgery going wrong. Anushka is looking little terrible these days. She should have not taken that surgery step as she looked stunning before. Anushka surely knows the mode to stay in the news and gather eyeballs. The big question is Anushka really dating Virat? Virat is a mind blowing cricketer who is working hard for Indian team. But as far as his looks are concerned, Anushka deserves a better man.

While Karan Johar believes in match fixing between Anushka and Virat, Anushka has a different opinion. Last week on Koffee with Karan, Karan was seen asking Anushka are you dating Virat? If not, then date him. He said Anushka, India’s glory is in your hands, you have the team with you. Anushka had split into laughter replying stop it Karan, I am feeling naked right now, so embarrassed. Anushka confirmed on the show that Virat Kohli is her favorite cricketer and a good friend. It has to been seen where their relation proceeds. Follow up Star Gupshup for latest grapevine.

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