Jai and Dhara finally united by their souls in Sanskaar


Dipika plans to take Jai with her on dinner making use of her birthday. Jai asks her to take Dhara as well with them. Dipika refuses and asks him to come with her alone as she does not want Dhara between them. Jai agrees. Dipika takes Jai to a five star hotel and does the arrangements to spend the night with him by making him drink something. She mixes a tablet in his drink and he becomes as if he is drooling. Dhara comes to his rescue as she is sent by Parul to be his protective shield.

Dhara sees Dipika leaving from the room as Jiten asks Dipika to come and meet him. Dhara enters the room and sees Jai lying on the ground. She runs to him and cares for him. She thinks of leaving but Jai stops her holding her saree end. They get closer and finally their souls unite while the song In Lamho ke daman me….. plays….. Dipika is unaware of this. How will Dipika react to this? Will Jai accept Dhara after the end of seven months? Will Jai call this night his love or regard it his mistake? Stay tuned.



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