Sameer tries to Kill Shikha again in Sony TV's Main Naa Bhoolungi

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Shikha’s husband Sameer, aka Aditya Jagannath, calls Shikha and uses his sugar-coated talks to convince Shikha to come behind old Delhi’s railway station. He promises to bring their son Manav there. Shikha is happy hearing that and cannot believe what she heard. Sameer warns Shikha not to bring inspector Naik with her. Shikha happily agrees but informs Naik when he calls her. Shikha happily reaches the spot and is happy to see Sameer with Manav.

Shikha gets a great shock of her life when Sameer throws Manav in air. Shikha regains her senses and catches Manav, but it is just a dummy doll. Before she could get up, Sameer tries to kill her under his car. She escapes somehow and runs for help. Stalker comes as a savior and saves her. Naik also comes to rescue Shikha. Sameer successfully kills inspector Naik with his own service revolver.

Will Shikha succeed in getting back Manav and punish Sameer/Aditya Jagannath. Stayed tuned to know what happens next.





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